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:specs: I am a Telephonic Nurse Case Manager in Worker's Compensation for a well known Insurance Company. I like the position pretty well and have been at it for 2 years now. I am going to sit for the CCM exam this August. I... Read More

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    I have been employed by BCBS of Fl for more than 5 years; I now work from home as a telephonic case manager working with a variety of members/plans. As far as insurance? I have a HD plan, but BCBS deposits $2000 every January into an HSA which I also contribute to. My premium is less than $200 month. Granted, I have a $6000 deductible, but I also have a $6000 OOP max and all preventative visits and screenings are covered at 100%. Whoever you are, you aren't telling the truth. BCBS of Fl is one of the better companies to work for; in the insurance industry. I certainly appreciate my job, and don't envy those that have to risk their lives and their licenses working in an understaffed and overworked hospital setting. Negative environment? only if you make it that way.

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    Did it take you
    long to be able to work from home?

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