telephonic CM's- questions to ask on phone interview?

  1. I have an phone interview this week for a telephonic case manager position. I am wondering what questions I should ask on this first interview? Or what questions I could be asked. I am so nervous when it comes to interviewing...but I know once I get in I always do a great job.
    Also, I am currently working as a field CM with mostly medicare advantage members. I work when my clients can see me but it is very flexible. However, I am needing more hours and am not able to get them with my current company. I have two young children who I have to pick up and take to school each day and of course daily life of sports, school programs, etc. I'm wondering how flexible telephonic case management will be for this. Like for instance will I be on the phone all day..or will I have time to go pick them up etc.?
    Thanks for any advice!!
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  3. by   sweetRN05
    Hi, is this a work at home position? I work from home with Humana and so far (knock on wood) my coach has been flexible. I have a 7 and 9 year also, so I understand your concern. I would ask about flexibility, training, what resources are available to help you assist the population you will be serving. If you are interviewing with a insurance company, daily metrics and your schedule-is it subject to change. I hope this helps.
  4. by   Delver
    Ask about specifics: do you have a roster or will you be an "autodialer"? What are the expected daily metrics? What does the training involve? What happens if I don't reach the quota of calls expected of me? Word of warning: google any potential employer very carefully as what may seem like a dream "work from home" job may actually involve constant micro management that is an insult to your intellect.