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does anyone know what the most popular companies are for telecommuting or work at home positions in medical reviews or cm, ur? i know united healthcare, cigna, and aetna offer positions at times but are there others you can think... Read More

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    Hey all:
    I am new to the website. I am an RN in NC with ICU, home health care, and outpatient surgery center experience. Due to some recent health issues I would love to find a position that allows me to work from home, maybe in disease management? Anyone know of any companies in NC. I have been searching and haven't been able to find any in NC as I know most you have to have training time at the company and that would be hard if it was not in NC. Thanks for any advice.


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    Hi, I am recently trying to crossover to insurance based work as well. I am currently going through the interview process with Aetna in High Point. I haven't found any home based positions there, but I have seen some posted for United Healthcare in the Chapel Hill area. You can go directly to their website and search in careers.
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    Thanks for the info. I will look into that. Good luck to you.

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    I am very interested in telecommuting but have no idea how to get started. Would love any info you can offer.
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    Quote from bfriedman
    I am very interested in telecommuting but have no idea how to get started. Would love any info you can offer.
    I applied to mulitple positions for insurance companies. I received a call back about two weeks later and was offered a UM work from home position. I start this Monday. United Health Care, Humana and Wellpoint are just a few off the top of my head that offer work from home positions. Good luck.
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    thank u so much for your reply.
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    I have almost completed my Masters in Nursing Education and am looking for a new job that might include at least some telecommuting. If anyone has an ideas or suggestions, I would really appreciate it. My field is mostly long term care management and my current work title is "Director of Care Delivery". Thank you for your help.
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    Shelly - Brush up your resume and apply for CM, UR, disease management, health coach jobs etc... and you can always teach online classes once you have your degree. Best of luck to you!

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