New Case Manager! Diabetes- please give advice!

  1. I am new to case management, although I manage a group of anticoagulated patients where I work. Now I am taking on Diabetes patients and want to know some things

    -what educational resources have you found helpful
    -do you have any motivational techniques?
    -how do you get through to non-compliant patients
    -what protocols or procedures do you follow
    -what problems or things should I look out for or avoid
    -how long do you spend with patients typically
    -tell me about your goal setting and how you measure goals or set the goals, how long each goal typically takes, etc
    -what resources do you have to overcome challenges like, no money for meds or testing supplies, picky eaters, little income for food, patients with other family members who eat differently, different cultures, etc

    Any and all advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    I suggest you run, do not walk, to the nearest CDE you can find (certified diabetic educator, an RN). You will find that all of this has been extensively researched and published, and there are protocols everywhere. You may also hook up with a NP with a big DM practice.

    You should be able to identify a CDE or NP via the local endocrinology group, a nearby tertiary medical center, or in the call centers of your local HMOs.