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New case management position

  1. 0 I just accepted a position as a case manager, what should I expect?
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    In a hospital? Insurance company? Home health? We need to know in what capacity in order to answer
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    As the above poster noted we need to know the setting. Also what you will be doing (UR and/or Discharge Planning/Chronic Life Planner) and what population you will serve makes a difference in our responses as to what you should expect. However, no matter what your responses to our questions are, you should definitely expect a large learning curve and a lot of hard work. You have not signed on to a position that will be easy, but this does not mean you will not like your job. Good luck.
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    In a hospital
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    Quote from Beritsmom
    In a hospital
    Are you a UR Nurse only, D/C planner only, a Chronic Case Manager Only, a Coordinator for another facility only (Acute Rehab, Hospice, etc), or are you performing both UR and D/C planning within the hospital setting?