Maternal/Child health Speacialty within Case Management?

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    I have been a postpartum/mother-baby/labor and delivery nurse for 2 and a half years and I am looking to get away from bedside nursing. I want to get into public health (I have my public health licence and am considering going to school for my Masters in public health) or case management. Is there a such thing as a postpartum/mother-baby/l and d case manager? I see lots of geriatric and ER case management positions out there but nothing like what I am looking for...

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    I (in my role as a Case Manager for a Home Health Agency) get referrals all the time from an MCH Case Manager at one of the hospitals in our city. As I'm sure you know (or maybe this varies by state), early maternal discharges qualify for VNA as do many babies who've been in the NICU. I imagine there aren't a ton of these jobs around but they do exist.

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