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How to get hired as a ccm

  1. 0 Hi to all case managers. I am very interested into getting into the field, but I am unsure what exactly will get me interviewed at least.
    I am an ADN graduating from BSN in May 2014 with 3 years experience as follows:
    2 years LTC
    1 year SDC
    I have not stopped learning, I went to leadership academy in LTC, CNA/CMT instructor, CPR instructor.
    Every description wants acute care. A large portion of our population is reaching and LTC has changed, with more acute cases becoming the norm.
    Before I begin, please know I do not want to come across as bragging, or complaining. I truly believe every nurse fights a battle for their residents/clients everyday and loves it.
    I can say that in LTC I have handled 44 residents, 4 aides, 1 CMT, 1 RA, 1 feadaide, been on call for 22 resident in RCF all at the same time. I have seen increasing amount of acute care cases, a wide variety of issues, done more blood draws, U/As, IVs, and cath inserts than many of my med-surg friends in a day. Talked with multiple physicians and other clinicians, changing my approach for each personality to be my resident's voice for reassessments and further treatments, Perform massive amounts of teaching about what resident's new meds are and how important PT is, ensure they understand why their home needs to be changed because of their health changes, ensuring adequate documentation that truly address their insurance reimbursement and built amazing relationships. I have learned new ways to teach younger generations information.
    This is what we do as nurses; this is our love, so how do I get a job to truly recognize that in a LTC work history?
    Thank you to all for their time and consideration.
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    You may want to think about getting your case management certification through the Case Management Commission CCMC | The Commission for Case Manager Certification and maybe look for health plans or other types of organizations that work with seniors, maybe by phone? I would think that this would be a great combination! Good luck.
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    Quote from melissakc12
    You may want to think about getting your case management certification through the Case Management Commission CCMC | The Commission for Case Manager Certification
    Melissakc, the OP is not an experienced Case Manager, if I am reading correctly. Thus, he/she cannot earn a CCM just yet.

    OP, your background is outstanding clinically. As the other poster pointed out, you may want to start applying for positions offered by companies that support seniors. Specifically, insurance companies and Home Health agencies could be your foot-in-the-door. Also, if you actually know hiring managers in acute care, you could go that route too. Good luck.
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    If the jobs you are looking for list the CCM as a requirement, you will not be eligible for these jobs because you are not a CCM. You may be able to find Case Management jobs that do not require the CCM. I do not have the CCM certification but I am a Case Manager for a home health agency.