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  1. I'm currently going through the early stages for interviewing for a Case Manager position in a hospital. I have done Case Management in Home Health, and I worked in ICU for over 6 years.
    My question is what systems or software do they use? I know with Home Health we were certified with Oasis. But I have no idea what to expect or be prepared to answer in regards to this type of position.
    PLEASEEEEE any advice or insight on what to expect with this position would be greatly appreciated. I need to prepare and I am researching online, but would love to hear from somewhere here whose actually done the job.

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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Not all hospitals are alike and so not all systems are the same. You will need to ask the hospital that is interviewing you about the software programs they use. In fact, this is a good intuitive question to ask when they ask you, "Do you have any further questions?"

    I can read that you are a little nervous, but relax. Case Management in the hospital setting is a lot like bedside nursing without the bedside interventions. Since you have worked in the hospital setting for a long time, then you are aware of the politics that you will encounter and are not as clueless as you think. Plus, having a background in case management in the community setting will help you learn case management in the hospital setting. The hospital setting is similar to the community setting in that we focus on home life and setting prior to discharge and we also navigate community resources along with the hospital resources to properly support our patients. Good luck.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    Ask if you will be managing a population that "belongs" to a floor or floors, a specialty (surgical no matter where in the house they are, for example, or ED/24-hour Observation, etc.), or medical groups, and how they provide for continuity for repeat admissions even if the patients go to other floors. Ask if there are other case managers, like the ones from the HMOs or big medical groups, managing their patients, too, and how do you work with them, if at all? Ask if you will be supervised by a CCM so you can qualify to sit the CCM exam and become certified if you aren't already.