Help with 1st case management interview

  1. Please help! I have a few years of floor RN experience and really want to get into case management. The position is for inpatient case management. Any and all advice would be appreciated! Thank-you so much!
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  3. by   d'cm
    Start by anwering this question for us: Why do you want to go into case management?
  4. by   GoNightingale
    Hi d'cm! I too would like to get into some area of case management but I don't know where to begin or how to transition. I found the wonderful field of nursing kinda late in life. I obtained my BSN and have been working bedside nursing for 2 1/2 years. The thing is that as much as I love bedside nursing, I have to admit that it is physically taking a toll on me (I'm 55, 56 in November). I don't think I could physically continue bedside nursing into my 60's. Some nurses are doing it and God Bless them- but I figure my 60's are the 10 years of pretty good health to do what I have planned to do in my personal life. So, I would like to consider some sort of case management that will be slightly less physically draining ( I can handle mental/emotional stress) and can still contribute positively to the community. I'm not looking for exhuberant salaries, but certainly something where i could pay my bills, travel and yes...payoff my student loans this late in life.

    You sound like you have alot of experience. Your input (and anyone else with experience in the case mgt. field) would be greatly apprecaited.

    Thanks a bunch!
  5. by   d'cm
    GoNightingale, wow, I thought I started late... You gave reasons as to why you don't want to do bedside but didn't say why you want to do case management. The first step is to have a clear idea of what the job is and what you can contribute to it.
  6. by   BrewerRN
    I have been a case manager for a little over 3 years and officially certified earlier this year. I LOVE case managment and wished I would have found a position earlier in my career.
  7. by   rmicu
    If you work at a hospital, go to the supervisor of the case management department, let her/him know you are interested in CM. Or speak to the CM assigned to your floor, ask them about openings in the CM dept, become friendly with them, ask if they hire floor nurses with no experience. More than likely, as an employee of the hospital already, you would be considered for a position because someone can vouch for your (hopefully) good work ethic.
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