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    Hope I am posting in the right place....I am having my final interview for an RN disability CM/ consultant position with a large insurance co pa y. I've never donetbis before, but I did well with my case studies and passed my first in person interview. The position entails working with a team, especially claim specialists to review STD cases from a medical POV and give suggestions regarding return to work, what tests, labs so on so forth are needed to make a determinations Dow ork restrictions.This is a biggie interview and one part will be with the medical director.Any hints on what I should know regarding STD? How can I impress!0? I've been researching. This isn't a utilization management position. They also know I'm. New to the industry. Are there any terms someone might be able to help with with so perhaps I can impress a little?I really want this job!
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    How did it go?? Sorry, I can't figure out how to delete my messages and my box is full!!
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    Hey! Thanks for all the advice! The interview is tomorrow morning. Feeling a little nervous! Probably because I want it so bad. But I did go on glass door like you suggested.I'm going in confident, with a clear explanation of my goals and my assets to the position. And what I have read about the company and like .I hope it works!Oh, and I had one phone interview, then an almost 3 hour in person I terrier with team leads, and to or row is almost 3 hours also. The medical director thing is new they said..... Usually that's a third interview, but they fit him in this one. I'm hoping that means they are looking to move the process as fast as they can!
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    I think if you made it this far your chances are very good you have it! Thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow!
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    Thanks lovinlife! I don't know quite how it went.... This interview was behavioral question after behavioral question, which I am not good at. " can you tell me a time when you.....". No I cannot pull up every situation in my nursing career! Just ask me how I handle situations and I will tell you!The last portion was a video conference with the medical director in Portland. I thought that went pretty good. He actually asked me questions and we went over scenarios instead of asking me those questions.They said I'll know in at the most a few weeks. I can only keep my fingers crossed
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    Ugh!! Behavioral questions, I hate them and suck at them too. Hopefully, they won't make you wait too long to find out!
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    Thought I would update, even though its not a good one.

    I heard nothing, so I reached out yesterday and found out I did not get the job. I "interviewed really well" but there are other candidates better matched for the position and they will keep me in mind.

    Good, but not good enough.
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    Oh man!! That really sucks!! Have u tried untied healthcare? Not the best company to work for but you can use it as a steppingstone to other things. Plus a lot of their positions are telecommuting, work from home.
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    My brain works faster than my fingers... Hee Hee!! I really meant united healthcare.
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    Wow how disappointing! Do you mind me asking what company it was with? I'm interviewing with one today and am extremely nervous! Not a whole lot of experience with case management!!! Your interview sounds like it was a tough one too! I'm really hoping I don't get a ton of behavioral questions those are the worst. Supposedly I'm only meeting with the hiring manager as of now, so hopefully it won't be too intimidating.