1. Hope I am posting in the right place....I am having my final interview for an RN disability CM/ consultant position with a large insurance co pa y. I've never donetbis before, but I did well with my case studies and passed my first in person interview. The position entails working with a team, especially claim specialists to review STD cases from a medical POV and give suggestions regarding return to work, what tests, labs so on so forth are needed to make a determinations Dow ork restrictions.This is a biggie interview and one part will be with the medical director.Any hints on what I should know regarding STD? How can I impress!0? I've been researching. This isn't a utilization management position. They also know I'm. New to the industry. Are there any terms someone might be able to help with with so perhaps I can impress a little?I really want this job!
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  3. by   lovinlife11
    How did it go?? Sorry, I can't figure out how to delete my messages and my box is full!!
  4. by   MomRN0913
    Hey! Thanks for all the advice! The interview is tomorrow morning. Feeling a little nervous! Probably because I want it so bad. But I did go on glass door like you suggested.I'm going in confident, with a clear explanation of my goals and my assets to the position. And what I have read about the company and like .I hope it works!Oh, and I had one phone interview, then an almost 3 hour in person I terrier with team leads, and to or row is almost 3 hours also. The medical director thing is new they said..... Usually that's a third interview, but they fit him in this one. I'm hoping that means they are looking to move the process as fast as they can!
  5. by   lovinlife11
    I think if you made it this far your chances are very good you have it! Thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow!
  6. by   MomRN0913
    Thanks lovinlife! I don't know quite how it went.... This interview was behavioral question after behavioral question, which I am not good at. " can you tell me a time when you.....". No I cannot pull up every situation in my nursing career! Just ask me how I handle situations and I will tell you!The last portion was a video conference with the medical director in Portland. I thought that went pretty good. He actually asked me questions and we went over scenarios instead of asking me those questions.They said I'll know in at the most a few weeks. I can only keep my fingers crossed
  7. by   lovinlife11
    Ugh!! Behavioral questions, I hate them and suck at them too. Hopefully, they won't make you wait too long to find out!
  8. by   MomRN0913
    Thought I would update, even though its not a good one.

    I heard nothing, so I reached out yesterday and found out I did not get the job. I "interviewed really well" but there are other candidates better matched for the position and they will keep me in mind.

    Good, but not good enough.
  9. by   lovinlife11
    Oh man!! That really sucks!! Have u tried untied healthcare? Not the best company to work for but you can use it as a steppingstone to other things. Plus a lot of their positions are telecommuting, work from home.
  10. by   lovinlife11
    My brain works faster than my fingers... Hee Hee!! I really meant united healthcare.
  11. by   jamaica820
    Wow how disappointing! Do you mind me asking what company it was with? I'm interviewing with one today and am extremely nervous! Not a whole lot of experience with case management!!! Your interview sounds like it was a tough one too! I'm really hoping I don't get a ton of behavioral questions those are the worst. Supposedly I'm only meeting with the hiring manager as of now, so hopefully it won't be too intimidating.
  12. by   MomRN0913
    I did try united healthcare for a telecommute position. Months after I submitted my rsum they emailed me back saying the position was filled but told me to apply for others.

    I feel so defeated. Travelers I insuarnce to. 4 interviews right up to the VP and didn't get the job.

    I'm going to be in HH h ell forever
  13. by   MomRN0913
    Jamaica820- I interviewed with prudential.
  14. by   lovinlife11
    Mom, keep trying. I had interviews with multiple places too before I landed where I am. I saw your posts in the home health forum, you poor thing, sounds like ur rocking a crazy case load. I would keep applying to whatever interests you, eventually it all works out. I work hospice triage on the weekends, it's pretty low stress, is something like that a possibility instead of case management?