dc planner / case mgt - salary vs hourly?

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    Hi -- I'm at the threshold of starting a new position. Actually it will be a Navigator role, so I will function as a case manager / family educator / discharge planner with some social / emotional support responsibilities included as well. As this role is still in 'negotiations' .... I am seeking information on salary for people with similar responsibilities. If your job includes these responsibilities, or if you know someone serving in this capacity... could you please answer several questions for me?

    I need to know how the week is structured (are there set hours, or do they work flex hours to meet with patients etc?)

    Is it an hourly or a salary position? (and can you possibly give me some pay range? -- even if you say comparable to a bedside nurse with X years experience at your facility -- any numbers will give me a starting point!)

    Is this position considered "management" in your facility? (and what level of management is it comparable to? -- charge nurse, unit manager, educator or assistant manager?)

    How is progress evaluated and how are raises earned?

    Thanks SO much! -- I'm very very excited about this position, however the pay situation works out, but I do want to go into it with some idea of what is appropriate. Anything you share will be greatly appreciated!
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    if you really are negotiating salary, your best bet is to have paid a local hr marketing company for this information. second best is an online company with this type of information you can either get for free or not. you are wasting your time posting on here because we are all over the country and we may do a little or more than you are expected to do and our pay ranges based upon our job descriptions as well as our geographical region. gl!