Cenpatico Behavioral Case Management

  1. I'm considering applying with Cenpatico as a Behavioral Case Manager. Does anyone have any info on what it's like to work for this company and salary?
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Hopefully someone will be able to provide personal experience. In lieu of that, one can research the company using their website to get information or some understanding of the company's services and the population of which they serve. I think salary it is going to be region/state and position specific as is the case with any company. For instance, Nurses that work in the South get paid in thrown rocks and stones compared to nurses that work in big urban cities of the West and the East who are paid in hard earned US dollars. Your best bet is to apply and if you get far with the application process, ask the HR recruiter the range for the positions to which you have applied. Good luck.
  4. by   chelleanne
    Thanks! I have researched the company. I was just hoping to get a "reality check" from someone who has worked with this company. Companies have their vision and mission statements, but sometimes the politics while working for the company is completely different.

    Also, for those working telephonic case management (in office) what were the things you enjoyed about the work? What was difficult or surprising about the work?
  5. by   PeacockMaiden
    Did you ever find out any more info about this company?