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Case Mgt- workers comp RN field jobs.. like home health

  1. 1 In worker's comp case mgt there are positions in telephonic and in field case management. Field Case management (FCM) requires an RN at the minimum. The requirements are State specific, as worker's comp is administered State by State law.

    Typically, FCM is a work at home position but requires a LOT of field work (driving) and visiting patients, and the patients employer, Docs, PT etc. This field is typically a salaried position and often has BONUS pay over a certain number of hours. It is a productivity position, meaning insurance carriers pay the case management company for the time worked on a case. So, it is a stressful, high energy, ever changing, autonomous, independent type of position. If you time manage well and love the challenge of juggling, this may be for you. Working at home can be isolating, but you will be out in the field an learning the local docs... especially ortho and neuro docs and occasionally a hospital for Catastrophic management.

    If you have worked in home health care, it is very similar. You make your schedule and time management is hugely important.... there is paperwork and reports to be done and you must balance your field time with the paperwork time. RNs who do well and like home health, will usually do well in FCM. You can expect a salary of $55K-$65K plus bonus potential, which can be sizable. You will be on the road during the day and sometimes writing your reports at night. Meeting deadlines is essential.

    If you prefer going into an office from 8-5 and having work structured for you, are lower energy and just want to get your job done and go home, I would suggest telephonic case management.

    Each State could have extra credentialing you may need, so check on your State Worker's comp law. (FCM credentialing may be different than telephonic!)

    In Florida, you need your RN plus one of the following
    MANDATORY credential- CCM, CRRN, CDMS, COHN.... google them if you aren't sure what they are but they all require a test which is offered at various times during the year.
    HINT- check different case management or insurance companies for openings. There is a current postings at ~Coventry~ for Florida .... but there are other companies out there as well... just look for a company that has Workers' Comp case management....

    GOOD LUCK! There are many of us that have been in this field for a long time... if you love it, you love it and stay with it.
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    How long have you been a Case Manager? I have an upcoming interview for a FCM position for a Worker's Comp company. I am currently a Nurse CM for an outpatient clinic, so Worker's Comp would be a different area all together. I am looking for something that would allow me to become certified as my current job uses the title "case manager" but it does not allow me to become certified in my role. The FCM position seems very interesting and when I interview I want to really "wow" the company. Any suggestions?

    This job is a work from home with flexibility and autonomy, two things that are very important to me. I consider myself great with organization and time mangement. I don't mind the driving part, as of right now I am confined to an office 8 hours a day and at times I feel claustrophobic so I am definitely looking to spread my wings out and see what else is out there for me.

    Do you find the job to be stressful but rewarding? Is the salary more than the hospital (just wondering)? This position is salaried with a monthly stipend for mileage but I was told that some of the nurses pick up "extra" work OR were able to bill their time greater than 40 hrs/ week and were compensated for it. Some have even grossed 6 figures, even though that is not their quoted annual base salary. So it appears that the opportunity to work smarter, not harder, advocate for the client's to return to work and have the flexibility for work and home, not to mention the earning potential is a win win situation.

    What are the bad points and cons to working as a WC FCM? Please advise..

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    If you do field case management you can pretty much schedule your own time, which has always been worth more than money for me. Dentist or GYN appt? Make it for Tuesday morning, and see your patients in the afternoon. Just make your billable hours for the week, and you're good. See a good sale on? Stop in.

    You have to make your billable hours, you have to get over rejection by people who don't trust you, and you have to be really efficient about doing your reports or you can get drowning quick. But once you get that all down, it's a great job
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    Thanks for your comment. Flexibility is extremely important and I agree that it is more important than money, mostly all of the time. I have a pretty flexible schedule at my present job. I think it will be challenging and exciting, all at the same time.

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