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    I've been a bedside nurse for 6 years now. I work on a medical/surgical floor. I'm interested in becoming a case manager. There is a medical case management certificate offered by university of California-Riverside extension program. I'm thinking about taking it but what are my chances of getting hired as a case manager? I think my chances are pretty good at the hospital I work at now but what about other places? I only have an ADN and I have a bachelor degree in social work. What's the best route to take? Any suggestion would be great!

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    We would hire you RIGHT now without the certificate, we have 4 CM positions open and you'd be perfect.
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    Thank you mclennan! Are you in CA? What company?
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    PM me
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    The website disabled my ability to PM. My email is
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    Quote from NornaY

    The website disabled my ability to PM. My email is ___________
    If you post a minimum number (I think 15, but do not quote me on that), you will be able to email users on this forum. Please remove your email address or use one that does not disclose identifying information. For example, use a yahoo address that has a crazy nickname that will prevent us from knowing your real name. Good luck!

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