Background of a Case Manager

  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind looking at my background to see if I have the skills to do case management:

    I am currently a research nurse working in a small division so I have multiple protocols (clinical trials) I handle. I get insurance approval/pre -certification/verification of coverage, write appeals for denials, fill prescriptions, find home health care and set up care with agencies, set up pt/ot, psych outpatient visits, set up future appointments with other doctors and order tests, and triage patient illnesses/ailments to the ER or our doctor or to an appropriate doctor.

    I have 1 yr experience as a research nurse and 2 in bedside oncology, do you think I have the skills to be a case manager, I think I have the interest (I very much enjoy my job but need to change facilities)!

    Thank you!!

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  3. by   kapalmer
    I've come into case management with 12 years in the hospital setting. With my current job in case management, it seems like they work as a team in terms of collective knowledge. In other words, they like to have a team of various back rounds/ knowledge base because case management can cover so many areas. Go for it.
  4. by   BrewerRN
    I have almost 18 years peds experience and I am working in case management for 4 1/2 years. Love it!!! I was able to sit for the exam 2 years ago and passed. I had to study a little harder in some areas becasue of my lack of experience (Medicare and Workman's Comp), but it was totally worth it. I think kapalmer is correct about needing various background. There really is no perfect background for case management. Everthing is a great fit. You can bring your own expertise.