a few good web sites

  1. Here's a few good ones...

    All about ortho injuries, for those of us in workers comp..



    And for CM's www.rncasemanager.com has a bb, but not much traffic, and links to some good CEU's for CCM's
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  3. by   lynnintn
    www.medmedia.com/med.htm- Wheeless textbook of orthopedics,
    www.bartleby.com- click on Grays Anatomy link
    www.anatomy.wisc.edu/sc97/text/SC/contents.htm- Global Spinal Cord
  4. by   renerian
    neat sites!!!!!!!


    hoolahan your right about the RNCM site low traffic. I posted my resume since they started and zero bites. No jobs ever came up in ohio