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  1. 0 Hi Guys!

    Hope everyone's day was awesome or will be awesome if you're working the night shift.

    I just started my orientation today..and spoke with a newly hired nurse educator who just got hired to work on my floor also. In my quick convo with the educator, I was told that our medsurg unit will be transitioning full force into a tele unit. eek! there's just something about telemetry that scares me.. especially as a new grad..or maybe its just my fear of starting a new grad job during the graveyard shift..AND caring for tele patients..

    what should i bring with me to the floor as a new grad...tangible and intangible..mahalo nui loa!
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    Study telemetry in your spare time if you don't feel comfortable with it and never pretend to know something you don't, just ask. Many nurses feel more comfortable when all their patients are hooked up to telemetry and you may feel that way soon, too.
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    hi! make sure you check your patient first than the alarm..however, make sure all are set properly designed with your patient at the beginning of your shift..when you have time study your waves forms and arrhythmias intervention...good luck
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    Running shoes!
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