Something the Lord Made

  1. 0 Great movie starring Alan RicKman and Mos Def. Should be mandatory to watch this movie before working in cardiac nursing. It's a true story, unbelievably good acting. You'll get misty eyed when the baby pinks up.....well, I cried when the baby pinks up since my still being alive is due to what these remarkable people did.
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    What a great movie and story. I've seen it a couple times, but maybe I'll look for it on netflix again...
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    Something the Lord Made became a true inspiration for me wanting to become a Cardiology physician; however, I opted for becoming a nurse instead because of the schooling involved. Every time I get the chance to watch that movie I can not help but get emotional when Mos puts the lab coat on for the first time. I am so glad HBO made this wonderful movie. Thanks for your post. : )
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    Great movie, just watched it again a few weeks ago. Even better after working in the field for a while and understanding the surgical parts.
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    I love this movie, I have watched it a few times and this movie never gets old. I really do recommend that everyone should give it a watch at some point, it is remarkable.
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