Preggers Cath Lab nurses

  1. 0 The cath lab where I work happens to have lots of young female staff members - all of whom are in their primary childbearing years. I'm trying to find out what the policies are in other cath labs regarding radiation exposure during pregnancy. Ours doesn't really have a formal policy. Recently two radiology techs both elected to "step out" of radiation even though they were past their first trimesters. This became problematic for staffing reasons and they both almost lost their jobs. To make matters more complicated, one of our nurses just became pregnant via in-vitro fertalization. Needless to say, we all feel extra protective of her situation. I'm searching for guidance on this because my husband and I are about to start trying for our first baby and my OB doc didn't seem particularly concerned about radiation exposure (as long as I'm sheilded) even in the first trimester.
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    Nobody encountering these issues out there?
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    IMO, with proper lead, a person protected. MANY tests have been done with "Baby Badges" (badges the mom wears under their lead) which have shown that there is no radiation getting through their lead"aprons".

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