PCCN - I failed by 10 questions

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    Hi All Nurses!

    I took the PCCN today and failed by 10 points. I used the following aids to study:

    1) Took a PCCN review class at a local hospital

    2) Reviewed using: PCCN Certification Review (Brorsen, PCCN Certification Review with CD-ROM) and the practice questions

    3) Reviewed using:
    AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing by Marianne Chulay and Suzanne Burns (Paperback - Dec 7, 2006)

    4) Made some flash cards

    I did not study with anyone. I studied on my own for 3 months and I looked at All Nurses Forum.

    I"m contemplating using David Woodruff guide now.
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    Hi there! Just wondering what you ended up doing. If I may ask, what would you have done or studied differently? Thinking about taking the PCCN myself but just couldn't find the time or motivation to study. Have you retaken it since?
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    Hi Riss

    Sorry..I don't come on this webpage that often but I did not retake the test yet. I am using David Woodruff. I found some freebies online of his dvd's so listening to an audio of it right now.

    Good luck with your PCCN!
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    This really sucks but I took the PCCN again (using Woodruff PCCN material that I found online) hoping I would pass but I DID NOT pass again. This time it was 63/70. I was so close. Sad face.

    I want to give up but this was one of my RN goals this year to take the PCCN and to get my CNIII.

    There are not many PCCN books -- any suggestions on what guide to use??

    What is the difference between ANCC Cardiovascular Nurse Certification verses this one called PCCN?


    (I checked on Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon) for more PCCN material but did not find much with many reviews nor were they all that helpful.

    I can't believe I scored 25% on "RN behavior" on the PCCN. Whoops!
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    There is a new book by Thomas Aherns, I think, that I used and it was really helpful. I also took the practice questions on the AACN website for 45$. I work in a cardiothoracic surgical unit and since most of the test is CP is wasn't bad.
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    So sorry you didn't pass. When I took the test it was shocking to find out from aacn that the pass rate was 60%
    the latest I saw was 62% at the site below. It is the lowest for all their tests.Why, partly because it is an extremely hard test, and the preparation books just aren't there. What kind of unit you work on and how much experience is a factor for passing. I remember getting tons of questions on MI. But it was related to leads and artery affected. So hard. I think what helped is using the CCRN book as well as the progressive book you mentioned. I did the practice questions for CCRN. Go to a bookstore and sit down with Pass CCRN, look at the practice questions.

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    I can't give you any test specific advice but keep trying.
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    I took it yesterday and failed by ONE point. I was SOOOO ******, but I decided that I am going to retake it. I hope I can pass this time. I want to get my CNIII and my $1000 bonus for passing the test!! We can do this!
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    Hi. I was going to take the PCCN exam but chose the ANCC Med-surg exam. I used David Woodruff's material and did great. He also has a PCCN review. His material is worth the money. Very charismatic and great at explaining hard topics.

    I hope this helps.
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    I failed the PCCN exam by 6 points. I was disappointed but didn't beat myself up too bad because there were several diseases I haven't dealt with in my career (in the cardiac section). Then towards the end of the exam, my anxiety kicked in because I started asking myself why I was taking the exam, since I didn't know the answers. I feel I gave up; then time ran out. So I'm back to studying. What I'm doing diffferent this time is (1) using the new blueprint, (2) understanding the patho, s/s, nursing interventions, and expected treatment options for the various diseases, (3) cardiac and pulmonary will be the last sections I study because they are the largest part of the exam (so they will be the freshest on my mind the day of the exam), and (4) I post questions I have as discussions for friends to help me with the rationale. My plans are to retest before Thanksgiving and become a PCCN NURSE!!! I don't wear failure well. So I just say, I did not prepare enough.

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