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  1. 0 I'm starting to prepare for an ACLS course and I need a comprehensive review of ECG rhythms. Can anyone recommend an online ECG rhythm review? I am happy to spend $10-20 in order to access it. THANKS!!!
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    cardiac system
    electrocardiogram (ecg, ekg) library
    icufaq' index click on arrythmias.

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    Thanks, Esme12! I AM scared because critical care was NOT my bag in nursing school six years ago, BUT I have to remember that I haven't made it this far - entirely - on my good looks! ; )
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    I just got done getting recertified in ACLS. Don't freak over the rhythms--just be able to recognize the most common: asystole, v-fib, v-tach, a-fib, sinus brady/tach.

    On the AHA site, there's also some pre-tests that will help you.
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