Insulin and Levophed drips on cardiovascular unit - page 4

This is something new coming to us nurses on the floor, we have 4 pts each but somedays it can be 5 pts. We have an A side which is the more critical and post op day 1 CABG's then the B side which aren't as critical. Total of 48... Read More

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    Those are my thoughts too, they really don't care about the staff they have. The new team leader is willing to do whatever for the docs, and yes us hard working nurses will be thrown under the bus and then ran over.
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    I work on a cardiac/step down ICU. Our max is a 4 patient load. We have insulin gtts a lot but our MST's do the finger sticks. We do allow Levo on our floor; however if your patient is placed on it you automatically go to two patients. We are never allowed to have it with more than two.
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    ^^ what if you are already running short to begin with that you wouldnt be able to go to 2 pts?
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    Quote from jrwest
    ^^ what if you are already running short to begin with that you wouldnt be able to go to 2 pts?
    Then the pt has to go to CCU.
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    wow- I guess some places are better than others.
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    I have seen some PCU/Stepdown units with a lower nurse patient ratio that have bedside and central monitoring....where most of the patients are on "Eagle" or satellite monitors that have portable bedisde monitors with noninvasive monitoring (B/P SaO2) and the ICU/PCU nurses are interchangeable ....where this can be done safely. However most PCU/Stepdown units are not set up for this intensive of a patient and that is what makes it not a very safe situation.
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    OP I hope you can find another job. This is one of the many crazy "bright ideas" I've heard lately. I hope the floor invested in more crash carts. Sorry you are going through this.

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    Had my first experience with having an insulin drip with having 4 patients, plus an empty room I was praying would stay empty. With 2 very needy patients on the call light every 5 mins, plus every hour accuchecks on day 1 open heart patient, I worked 14.90 hours straight thru no lunch. Next day got even worse. From all the stress I've been home sick the last 2 days, the stress made my body run down and positive for strep.
    I don't know what to think of this, we are getting them right and left.
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    I work on a PCU unit in Illinois and we never have Levo drips BUT have insulin drips all the time. Our patient ratio is usually 4:1 but sometimes 5:1. It is interesting to hear how much these units vary in different locations.
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    Get a new job. I keep a little egg in the bank just in case I need to quit without any notice, or job in hand. It's a matter of time where someone dies because of this. Don't let it be on you.

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