Insulin and Levophed drips on cardiovascular unit - page 4

This is something new coming to us nurses on the floor, we have 4 pts each but somedays it can be 5 pts. We have an A side which is the more critical and post op day 1 CABG's then the B side which... Read More

  1. by   FlorenceNtheMachine
    Get a new job. I keep a little egg in the bank just in case I need to quit without any notice, or job in hand. It's a matter of time where someone dies because of this. Don't let it be on you.
  2. by   heartnurse2012
    Since last post I have taken another job offer. Completely separating from the hospital, sad to have to leave after 5 yrs there but my nursing license is on the line everyday there.
    Our TL always has this fake smile on like she gives 2 poops about all of us, but will also throw anyone under the bus. I've had enough there, my family has suffered from me being mean when getting home, can't sleep the night before work and the nights when I return the next day. Anxiety is through the roof. Nursing is changing, it's not about the pt but how much $$$ and that's very sad.
    Thank u all for the input.
  3. by   FlorenceNtheMachine
    Good for you! Congrats