HR drop/rhythm change during sleep..Would you call Doc? - page 3

OK experienced Cardiac nurses..Quick question for you... A pt came to hospital complaining of "feeling dizzy" normal BP, HR around 60s-70s NSR. No cardiac history. She was being admitted under dx of CVA b/c CT showed " very... Read More

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    Regardless of assessment findings, if there were parameters set, I would have called! If anything, just to CYA.

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    Would definitely not have called for a sinus brady/sinus arrhythmia. Yes, there were parameters, but as nurses, we are taught to critically think. And if the pt is stable, good VS, asymptomatic...there is no reason to call.

    However, had it been a fib, second or third-degree block, junctional escape, ventricular escape, etc. would definitely have called, atropine in one hand, pacer pads in the others.

    p.s. a good clue was that the HR came up when pt awoke. I see tons of patients on metoprolol brady down to 40s when they are deep asleep, once they wake up their rates go up too.

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