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How to prepare for new job on tele unit

  1. 0 Hey everyone. I'm a relatively new nurse, with about 6month experience in a quite little rural critical access hospital. I'm moving to a new location and have gotten a new job on a busy tele unit. I will be much busier at this new job and b/c I have a little experience am going to get less orientation, like 8 weeks. They said they'd give me more, but I'd like to do it in 8. Any suggestions for how to ace orientation? Any thing I should review and memorize? The ratios on this unit could be up to 6 pt's. I'd occasionally have a pt. on a vent but then my ratio would be lower. I'm sooooo nervous. Anyway any suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.
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    Six patients is too much for a busy tele unit. I started my nursing career (8+ years ago) in a tele unit.

    Here's the essentials:

    - Learn your basic dysrhythmias
    - Know your cardiac enzymes (troponin, CK-MB)
    - Congestive heart failure and acute coronary syndrome protocols
    - Electrolytes

    Other than that, it's really just another unit.
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    Thank you for this info. I am also preparing myself, as a new nurse.

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