How to get into Cardiac Rehab

  1. Hi all,

    I am a new grad that just got hired into a Tele unit, and I am beyond happy! My long term goal is to work in a cardiac rehab, and I know this can be difficult to get into because there are not many positions, and people do not like to leave once they are there!! Does anyone have advice on things I can do to "boost" my chances of getting hired in such a position one day? I also want to get my cardiac vascular nursing certification, do you think this will help?

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  3. by   cardiologynurse
    I work in Cardiac Rehab. and you are is a job hard to find and I will NEVER leave because I love it so much! It is my DREAM job. The way I got in was to do exactly what you are doing...get a good, solid cardiac background. Then, I took a PRN job and took the shifts that nobody wanted (weekend), then when an opportunity opened up, I was the first one in line. As far as the certification, I am not certified but thinking about doing it myself. Personally, if it works with your life and this is indeed you goal, I would contact every hospital in your area and call CR Dept. Mgr. and find out if they have any PRN opportunities. Prove yourself and you're golden!! That is in addition to applying for any position that is open, of course. I'm not sure if you live in a major metro. area, but there are many programs in most medium to large hospitals. Good luck! It's a job worth finding.
  4. by   carachel2
    You need to walk down to the hospital fitness center and introduce yourself to the nurse manager and let her know you are interested. You need to take any courses you can in cardiac rehab nursing and/or exercise physiology. Ask if you can come on your days off to train and learn the monitoring system and then finally apply to hire on as a PRN in cardiac rehab. Someone WILL eventually leave and you'll be first in line for the position because you are already trained.
  5. by   RN.after.your.HEART
    Thank you both so much!! I just started looking up some Exercise Physiology classes online, do you know of any courses specifically for cardiac rehab nursing? I did do a couple of shifts there during nursing school, but it was obviously not enough time to learn much. I didn't think about asking about PRN positions, for some reason, I assumed that no one would want to take the time to train a PRN, but, now that I know that, I will definitely introduce myself to managers and ask about those positions!

    Again, THANK YOU! :heartbeat
  6. by   cardiologynurse
    I do not know of any classes specific to cardiac rehab. Good luck to you!
  7. by   carachel2
    Meant to add that you need to log onto the AACVPR website and find a local chapter. Most chapters meet once a month and you do not have to currently be IN CR to attend the meeting. Bring a few resumes, do some schmoozing and pay attention when they open the floor to program directors who are hiring.
  8. by   lorainemrifresno
    Actually it is somewhat hard to find a job unless you have the experience. I am a recruiter and I am always currently looking for a Cardiac Rehab Nurse for hospitals that needs it. Hospitals are switching over to use Recruiters as their second choice when they can't fill the position, or if they are urgently need to fill it. Since, your still new, build up your reputation in the industry get more acute care experience and you will be fine. The only thing you ask after that, am I willing to relocate?