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  1. 0 Is CSM stand for circulation, sensation, movement or color, sensation, motion? Does anyone know this can be replace as pedal pulse positive?
    Thank you.
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    I've heard CMS, PMS, and several others, but they don't show up on any official abbreviation lists that I've ever seen.

    In some settings, CSM will be carotid sinus massage.
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    CSM usually is Carotid Sinus Massage. Google it for thousands of references!

    Carotid sinus massage involves rubbing the large part of the arterial wall at the point where the common carotid artery, located in the neck, divides into its two main branches.
    Sinus, in this case, means an area in a blood vessel that is bigger than the rest of the vessel. This is a normal dilation of the vessel. Located in the neck just below the angle of the jaw, the carotid sinus sits above the point where the carotid artery divides into its two main branches. Rubbing the carotid sinus stimulates an area in the artery wall that contains nerve endings. These nerves respond to changes in blood pressure and are capable of slowing the heart rate. The response to this simple procedure often slows a rapid heart rate (for example, atrial flutter or atrial tachycardia) and can provide important diagnostic information to the physician.
    The patient will be asked to lie down, with the neck fully extended and the head turned away from the side being massaged. While watching an electrocardiogram monitor, the doctor will gently touch the carotid sinus. If there is no change in the heart rate on the monitor, the pressure is applied more firmly with a gentle rotating motion. After massaging one side of the neck, the massage will be repeated on the other side. Both sides of the neck are never massaged at the same time.

    The physician should be the one performing this procedure, not the nurse.
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    Quote from jennifers1108
    Is CSM stand for circulation, sensation, movement or color, sensation, motion? Does anyone know this can be replace as pedal pulse positive?
    Thank you.
    I've heard it as CMS, i.e. "CMS checks to LLE are good".
    I prefer to say CMS in report, but for charting on a post cardiac cath I use "R groin puncture site covered with guaze and tegaderm, no ooze, no bruise, no hematoma noted, pedal pulses positive and equal".
    For bone fx pt's I use "extremity warm to touch, pt able to wiggle toes, pulses palpable, slight edema noted, able to insert finger between cast and extremity".
    It's lengthy, but I feel its a little more CYA, but I'm extremely paranoid after working for a really bad employer. I'm just lucky that I'm a fast typer and I work with computerized charting.