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Have any of you had to cardiovert a coworker? I'm a nurse and was cardioverted recently, 3 shocks conscious, and was wondering if any of you had to do this to a coworker, particularly a female coworker. I was laying there with my... Read More

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    Quote from carolinef_2002
    Thanks for the replies. I might be spending a little more time on the board for the next few days. I'm wearing the Lifecor Defib Vest now. Had a rough week last week and going for more tests this week. Have any of you worked with patients with the Lifecor Defib Vest?
    I hope you feel better soon to.

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    Hey, Carolinef, hope all your tests have gone ok.
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    Once I had a Lab tech come to the desk, saying she didn't feel well and had heartburn. She was ashen, grey, and had circumoral cyanosis. We called the Unit manager to have her sent to the ED, and put her on a portable monitor, she was in 3rd degree block with tombstones. We then cut off her shirt and put the defib pads on her. She went straight to the cath lab, then for an emergent bypass.
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    Wow...that had to be stressful, both to the lab tech and you guys. Congrats on getting her cared for in a timely manner.

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