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Hello, and Good morning to all. I originally posted this under the "nursing stethoscope" forum but I received no replies. Later this month, I will be interviewing for a position on a Cardiac Stepdown... Read More

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    lol, I remember working with Rick (an excellent RN) and he had a cheap $10 stethoscope. When asked about it, he said "if I can hear it with this, it's clinically significant! Along those lines, if you can hear something like wheezes or crackles without a scope it's clinically significant. Personally, though, I have a master littman.
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    Quote from anonymurse
    Got this Allheart acoustic cardio scope ($15 on sale) waiting for my Thinklabs to come back from repairs. Heavy. Works well.
    I ordered one of these today. Thank you for the infor and website.