assigning patients by acuilty

  1. 2 Busy telemetry med surg floor needs help assigning patients by acuilty and not room number. Help anyone......
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    Try a few categries, and assign numbers. The higher the number, the greater the acuity. Here's what I could think of....

    1 Stable rhythm
    2 recent rate/rhythm issue

    Mental status
    1 alert and oriented x3
    2 confused
    3 sundowns...dementia

    Level of Assistance
    1 independent
    2 min assist
    3 max assist
    4 frequent use of call bell

    1 Po
    2 frequent pain meds, IV abx
    3 drips (dilt, lasix, etc)
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    Thank you for your reply. I will give it a try.
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    the only thing i would add is family issues for day shift because that can be a problem and take up lots of time also!!
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    Central lines, family issues, weight >100kg, and if you have a resident writing orders we should get more points for that too!

    Seriously, I bet there are templates available online...
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    "resident writing orders":

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