Aortic valve replacement, post-op course - page 2

My 39 y.o. step-son has just been diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm and bicuspid aortic valve. He is scheduled for surgical repair of both next week. The valve replacement will be mechanical. .. Since he had just... Read More

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    In our facility, he will be oob to ch on day one, as well as transferred to my step down unit. We push pulmonaryntoilet bigtime. I keep track of accomplishments on the dry erase board ( walked in hall, IS to 1250, etc). Pain management is critical for the deep breathing and coughing we will make him do. And above all STERNAL PRECAUTIONS. No pushing, pulling with arms, and I make my patients hold a pillow across their chest to keep their arms out of trouble.

    Also, expect a suppository POD3.

    It will amaze you how fast he recovers.

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