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I'm trying to bridge right after, but after first 2 terms, I'm only getting a 3.0 cumulative GPA. I have basically 1 term left since last terms is just full time clinical. I'm really worried that I won't have a high enough GPA to... Read More

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    I find this all very interesting and thanks to the OP for posting this topic

    I START RPN flex at centennial in September and am excited about pursuing RPN but I'd like to leave as many options available to me in the future. I keep hearing its a very challenging program (though the flex helps a bit).

    My personal view is that I want to make it through RPN doing the best I can and ideally leave the option to bridge open. I don't necessarily plan on bridging at this point in time. I may love RPN and decide to just do that but I really like the idea of leaving as many options available for my future.

    For the bridging program, would you say that it's less competitive than RPN? I had high grades in pre-health (90+) and I still was wait listed at many schools (centennial FT, Durham, GBC) and was only accepted at centennial flex.

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    I took my RPN program at Centennial. IMO they really test you hard, make you work hard, but in the end it basically guarantees you a pass for the CPNRE test - if you work hard. I struggled with Theory, because no matte rhow much you study and read the book they will test you on something completely different than what you read, what I mean is that youll never recognize the same wording from the textbook because they want to see how you apply it - scenerios, which is what you'll see on the CPNRE test.

    Also, the fact that you are worried about your GPA is actually a good sign. Some anxiety is good and normal. It means that if you work hard you'll get good marks. Teachers there want to see students ask questions.

    As for bridging, try to maintain at least a 3.0GPA there are other ways to bridge, for instance Nipissing University is an online RPN to RN bridging course that is offered to RPN's that are working at certain hospitals. You need to be working in these institutions and get permission from your employer to apply. Check out www.nipissingu.ca for info (just look up RPN to RN).

    Nursing school is not easy. But keep working at it, don't stress yourself out - a little anxiety helps, and don't be afraid to ask questions and seek assistance from your professors, that's what they're paid to do and that's why they are there!

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