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Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valleyís January 2013 BSN intake. Iím just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like me. Iím hoping to create a... Read More

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    Hey everyone.

    Glad to see others have received their letters!

    Has anybody called to set up an interview yet? I put it off today because its way to nerve racking to have a date set.
    Im scared I will go in and completely draw a blank. Its hard not to get nervous when I have worked so hard to upgrade my marks and do all these volunteer hours, and in one hour I could completely blow it.

    Not that Im at all socially inept but when theres so much riding on one interaction its totally different.

    Anybody else as petrified of the interview as I am?

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    I have applied to the RN program and am attending the info session tomorrow night. I was not nervous until I started reading about the competition and that some of you received an interview letter. I am 25 and work as a Care Aide in a long term care facility so I have allot of work hours. My GPA is 3.6 (this scares me because I was reading that 3.8 or better is what they would like). I am going to the info session tomorrow and was wondering how you guys are preparing for it? I am not fantastic at writing on the spot and would like to be as prepared as possible.
    Best of luck to you all
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    Hello!! I'm in class right now and I just want to wish everyone who is attending today's info session good luck!!

    Bigdreamss - I too am not a fantastic writer but I think the best thing you can do is to relax and do some research to help you relax. That's what I've been doing.. Reading anything nursing school related calms me down a little too. Think of possible questions they'll ask in the info session essay! Ha ha! Skim through some of the existing forums here on the site as well!! .... I'm just trying to get myself in that mind set where I could feel confident and relaxed. I don't know if I'm helping you at all but I can totally understand how you're feeling.
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    Thanks riri.g!!
    I'm actually not feeling too nervous just yet, but I'm sure that the drive over there will be a different story. I've done everything I can to prepare, which wasn't much other than review a million different possible questions. Even still, I'm sure I'll go blank once I get there haha. I'm just SO HAPPY today is finally here and I can get this next step over with (and then cross my fingers I get to the next step!)

    Good luck to the others who are also writing tonight! I'll see you there............but I won't know who you are!
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    What did you guys think of the info session!?
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    I thought it was good. It is intimidating that there are so many great candidates for the program and unfortunate there are not more spots. I'm still worried that I did not receive an interview letter but am hopeful that one may still come. How did you think you did on the "essay" questions?
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    It went good! The "essay" part was fairly easy. It looked like most people finished within a half hour, so the 45 minutes was enough time. VERY intimidating though. There are three information sessions (yesterday, tonight, and tomorrow) and apparently there are 182 complete applicants for 32 spots. My heart sank a bit when I heard that. All questions were answered, so make sure to ask anything you're unclear about. Interview letters should all be sent by the end of this week, but sounds like anyone with 4 B's or less will not be getting an interview (I'm hoping my one A will help!). And she also said they will be interviewing only about 60ish people. So there's always a chance, but its sounding like more of a lottery at this point . Anyway, we'll see what happens, and if not January, there's always September to try for!
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    I was the one who showed up LATE... so my essay questions were messy. It seems like the new Campus is in the backwoods. Geez. Also, I forgot to ask if A&P are offered on summer break. Anyone know?
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    Haha I saw you then! Well depending which one you were. You weren't the only late one, don't worry! I was sitting in the front row, so I saw a few late comers. Did you have time to finish all your questions? As far as A&P in summer, I've checked the course calendar, and they haven't normally offered it then. But I'd call to be sure!
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    Yes... I was the latest of the late. I finished all the questions but my writing was not as eloquent as I would have like.

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