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Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley's January 2013 BSN intake. I'm just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like... Read More

  1. by   riri.g
    Your interview is coming up!! Let me know how it goes!! AHHH!!! Good luck!!!!!!
  2. by   phoenixforealz
    How mny of us, in total, got an interview?
  3. by   riri.g
    Quote from baileybee
    How many of us, in total, got an interview?
    On allnurses.com? Or including everyone? On allnurses.com I'm not sure.. maybe 8 or less. I know a couple of those posting on the forum got an interview letter before the doing the short essay. If you're wondering in total-- everyone included, I wouldn't know. I treud asking when I phoned to book my interview and the lady said that they weren't allowed to say. But maybe they will tell you during the interview? So to anyone who has gone through the interview, let us know if they tell you anything!!
  4. by   careubc
    They told us at the info session they were interviewing about 60. So you have about a 50/50 chance of getting in if you got an interview... pretty much. I didn't get an interview so it looks like I won't be going to UFV in Jan. I was hoping to get into BCIT's program more than anything so at least I still have a chance for that. Good luck guys!
  5. by   Ebloussante
    I wish you guys good luck on your interviews!

    So I'm sort of new here, and lately I've been having a dilemma because I really want to apply for Kwantlen or UFV nursing program. It's a bit of a long story with my situation but I'm currently at UBC right now and I'm either thinking of taking next semester off or transferring to UFV. For the UFV nursing admissions, how do they look at our GPA? Is it Eng 12, Bio 12, Chem 11 and Math 11 that they only look at for GPA? If that's it, then I'm satisfied with my marks (94.75%~95% so 3.9 GPA?). I'm probably looking to apply for next January because right now I don't think I have enough volunteer hours so far to get in for Sept 2013 intake and I don't think they'll accept my application after the Sept 2013 deadline.
  6. by   riri.g
    @careubc - I'm sorry to hear you didn't receive an interview letter!!! I was really hoping everyone on here would! Did you try contacting them? I remember they said in the info session that if you really feel like you deserve an interview, call and they might just let you come in for an interview... If you did and still nothing then... do continue to try for next UFV intake and for BCIT! I heard really good things about BCIT and they have a really good reputation and there program is only 3 years!! Goodluck!

    @Ebloussante - They only look at the prerequisites.. I don't think they look at the other classes that aren't nursing related and so far you have a really high gpa!! But make sure you get enought volunteer hours because they do look at other things besides postsecondary. You might have to apply for next January intake.. I remember being in your sitatuion last year but it worked fine because I too didn't have enough volunteer hours.. So it gave me the chance to get as much hours as I can. The only thing I regret was being confident with having only 45hrs of volunteers at some dental place and not realising how super competitive the intake was. So I had about 6 months to get more volunteer hours but realised my situation 3 months before the deadline.. And thats when I really went all out and volunteers 5 times a week.. well techinically 4 because the other place I volunteer for wouldn't give me a reference because they have a 6 month rule... I don't know if this is helping you at all (I feel like I'm just blabbing about nonsense.. although I'm sharing my experience at the same time haha) but yeah that's my side of the story. I'd say my hard work paid off because I got an interview letter with UFV !

    As for the number of people getting interviewed.. I heard it was 60/60 as well but I don't if I heard it from this forum or from the info session. When I called to ask, they wouldn't tell me because sometimes they would have A LOT of good applicants? I think.... I don't know.. But if it was 60/60 I would be feeling pretty blessed right now. *crosses fingers*
  7. by   Ebloussante
    @riri.g I know I've been lurking for quite a bit, but I feel so relieved to read different perspectives about applying to BC nursing programs. Thanks so much for the reply. This is soooo helpful! I found that everyone on AN are such wonderful and hardworking people haha ) I'm currently a first year student so I basically went straight from graduating HS this year to UBC. I hope they only look at the 4 HS courses for our prerequisites! Do they look at our post-secondary transcripts? Right now I have more animal-related volunteer hours, though I don't think working with disabled children at a therapeutic stable would count as one Since September intake is due January there's probably no way I can get that many volunteer hours I think....Applying for January intake is from May to August right? I'm definitely looking to volunteer at hospitals or nursing homes! I'll have to get my L soon and apply for a driving school soon. (I'm a bit frustrated that they require us to have driver's license..I transit way to much to drive so I never got around to get my N haha)

    Seeing from previous posts, there's 60 interviews for 30+ spots right? That's awesome! GL!!!
  8. by   riri.g
    @Elboussante- Just keep trying. And who knows, working with disabled children might work. As long as it's from an agent or like an actual place. And get your drivers license asap! Seeing as each year intake gets even more competitive! A couple years ago, having all B's in your pre-reqs are were good enough... Now it's even harder. And if you plan on transferring to UFV, they will look at your transcript but I don't think it's included with the nursing application process. BUT they probably will be looking at how many electives you've taken or what not...
  9. by   riri.g
    Has anyone gone through their interview yet?
  10. by   phoenixforealz
    I did mine on the 9th.
  11. by   riri.g
    How was it? How were your nerves?!!
  12. by   phoenixforealz
    It was anticlimactic. I believe that we will hear by the 4th of November.
  13. by   riri.g
    Yeah there's still a couple of interviews left. Mine is tomorrow and I`m quite nervous but I think I`m over-thinking it... Do we need to bring anything to the interview?