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Hello! I'm starting this topic for two reasons: one, to introduce myself and make connections with anyone else that has also applied for the fall 2012 intake at the University of the Fraser Valley nursing program; and two, to... Read More

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    If you don't mind me asking, how old are you pulmonary? The one thing I have taken from this experience is that all the nurses in the program say the same thing...mature students with some life experience do better in this program.
    I applied with four A's in my core courses, an A- in Eng 105 and a A+ in psych 101 and over 130 ARH ER department volunteer hours. I am also 28 years old. This was my first time applying though.

    Maybe try upgrading your B with an online class. If you have done it before it should be a breeze for you...and not having to write the exam will probably help as well. Maybe see if you can get some volunteer hours in the ER at ARH... it is great experience.

    Let us know how your meeting goes. I second your thoughts on your application, I too would have thought you had a great chance of being accepted.

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    Hi, first I wanna say this is really helpful. I m high school student and I m graduating this June 2012 and i m a immigrant. This whole thing is new to me. i applied to ufv for fall 2012 and I m really confused. I sent in my grades which are well A/B(sort-of). I don't knw what else I m supposed to do. Should I send in my volunteer hours( I have 30 volunteer hours from working at a vet clinic) I also applied to kwatlen, vcc and Douglas but no response. Plz help
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    yes, you will require at least 150+ volunteer hours to be competitive in my opinion. Although nursing is a undergrad degree it is professional degree unlike other science/business degrees. If you have not heard back from UFV, I suggest redoing the courses that you got B in and upgrade it to A and do lot, I mean lot of hospital hours. Nursing program is extremely competitive due to small size of intake every year, so try to upgrade anything that you can upgrade on.
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    I am sorry to hear that you did not get accepted. a 3.75 gpa is good, IMO.

    I am now in my 4th year at UFV.
    I am now 26.
    When I applied I had done a few years at UFV, did a couple years of Bio, Math, A+P, Nursing pharmacotherapeutics, English 105, Anthroplogy, Psychology. My intake was very competetive, there were over 200 applicants and only 32 get accepted.
    I applied with a 4.12 GPA, and 3 years of volunteer hours as well as a couple really good recommendation letters. I was even scared I wouldn't get accepted. They have changed their intake screening a lot... used to be first come first serve basically. Now they are getting more and more stringent, possibly because of the amount of people who drop out/don't pass (especially due to patho). I am now rockin a 3.6 gpa (partially due to a genetics class I got a horrible mark in because I never showed up and had no idea what I was doing).... that is a big difference though.

    From what I can tell, they look at your English, Bio, Chemistry marks.
    If you only have your highschool bio and chemistry, below an A, take university level.
    A+P somehow counted as chemistry for me. My highschool chemistry was only a B but I got A+ in A+P so methinks that made the difference. If I had to use my highschool marks I probably wouldn't have gotten accepted.
    Just a thought.
    Bio 111/112 is SUPER EASY

    But seriously though, you have great marks from what you have written. It could have been other factors (who interviewed you, your age, how competetive the other applicants marks etc. were).
    Hope you get accepted to the next intake!!!!!

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