UFV 2012 Fall Intake - Insights and Meetings - page 10

Hello! I'm starting this topic for two reasons: one, to introduce myself and make connections with anyone else that has also applied for the fall 2012 intake at the University of the Fraser Valley... Read More

  1. by   camp11
    No mail as in there was no UFV letter. Now looks like it wont be here till next week This is SO hard!! Thanks for the update Fruitloop3 ... Enjoy your weekend everyone!
  2. by   OnAir
    I have just checked myufv and I got an acceptance conditionally (Whatever that means). So go check ur myufv!
  3. by   jshadows
    I believe that means that you are accepted provided you pay your fees on time, get your immunizations, etc!

    So congratulations!!!!

    Mine also says accepted conditionally!!!!!! Good luck to all! Very nervewracking to click on the link when it showed Fall 2012!!
  4. by   camp11
    My UFV account application status has changed to "conditionally accepted" around 3:30! I think this means we are in! Congrats to you two and good luck to everyone else=)
  5. by   mission1234
    Mine says accepted conditionally too!!!!!!!
  6. by   camp11
    Yahhh!! So excited I think it just means you have to accept the spot (So many apply at multiple schools) pay fees etc. For those who's status's haven't changed - there is usually one or two that go to other schools so there will be a waiting list. My friend's status hasn't changed but there is still hope! My friend last semester got called last minute when a spot came up.
  7. by   invictus
    YAHHHHH!!!!! IN IN IN IN IN!!!! CONGRATS EVERYBODY!! I Have waited sooooo long for this moment!! Enjoy it, we earned it Seeya in September!!!!
  8. by   mission1234
    The funniest part is that come September, the main people on this post are going to be looking around the room trying to figure out who is who . I am beyond excited to meet you guys this fall!! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted, and to anyone who wasn't...January intake is only four months after.
  9. by   Fruitloop3
    Hello again! Congrats to everyone on their acceptance!!!! I can't imagine the feeling of relief! I'm still stressing... Just wondering if you think it's possible my status will be updated Monday?? I am curious to know if they do it alphabetically...Maybe? My last name starts with an M... Anyone with a last name that starts with a later letter? I think I might just be loosing my mind! Thank-you in advance and best of luck to everyone in September!!!
  10. by   camp11
    Fruitloop3 - My last name starts with a C. My friend's status didn't change either and her last name starts with an R - So I'm really hoping that it was alphabetically !! My status changed about 3:30 - 4 on Friday and I know they were closed at 4:30 and have to enter like 48 names? So maybe! Let us know!! GOOD LUCK!
  11. by   mission1234
    My last name starts with a J
  12. by   mission1234
    Maybe they have more names to change, although I do know someone who has "accepted conditionally" and her last name starts with a "M".

    Like someone said above, students don't always make UFV their first choice so there are waitlists.
  13. by   jshadows
    My last name starts with an M as well.

    Also, I was thinking the same thing about trying to figure out who is who come September...I did join the group on the popular social network site that everyone is familiar with...UFV Nursing 2012. Maybe everyone who has been accepted on here should also join that and then we can post our usernames!