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Hello! I'm starting this topic for two reasons: one, to introduce myself and make connections with anyone else that has also applied for the fall 2012 intake at the University of the Fraser Valley nursing program; and two, to... Read More

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    Alka_Selse BSc an early Congratulation!!! I am thinking very positive for you!!! But the best part is that you are proactive and trying to better you yourself early!

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    GOOD LUCK!! What an awesome opportunity to get your foot into that hospital door!
    Wishing you all the best tomorrow
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    o.o Thanks guys. I'm so nervous. And excited. But mostly nervous, lol. My mom actually just transfered from St. Paul's to ARH. It'd be neat to work in the same hospital.
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    How did the interview go?
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    The interview went really well. I was super nervous though - I've been doing a lot of job hunting the last 3 months (it's stupid hard to find a job at the moment; that or I have incredible bad luck), and this was one of the only ones I actually wanted. The interviewer was really nice, and said I interviewed really well; she said that she would be very pleased to have me on the team.

    I wasn't expecting a call back until Monday or Tuesday. She said that she had a few other interviews to go through Wednesday and Thursday, and then needed to time to look over the options. Well, lo and behold, I was awakened by my phone this morning (Thursday) with her offering me the job!! Yay!

    I have a few things that I have to get done before I can start (background check, TB screen, immunization records, etc), but hopefully I'll start orientation on the 16th. So, fret not my friends - I'll know the hospital like the back of my hand come clinicals, and I'll show ya'll around. :P
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    Congrats on the job! That's awesome.

    I'm going CRAZY waiting for the letter/website update from UFV!!!!!!!!!!
    This is going to be a VERY LONG MONTH!!!!

    Happy Easter everyone!
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    Way to go alka_sense! That's awesome!
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    Down to the last week or so until we find out! SO nervous - going to start checking mail daily soon LOL
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    yeah Camp11, i started doing that about a week ago lol... So ready to just know!!
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    What day should we expect to know? I thought it was end of April...so next week?

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