September 2013 Trent Compressed

  1. Hi all, has anyone applied to the Trent Compressed BScN program for 2013 fall? Any news yet? I"m anxiously awaiting.
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  3. by   veemac
    @poko, I just got accepted into their program the other day so they're definitely accepting on a rolling basis from this point onwards and the lady in the admissions office I spoke to was stating that last year, student with ~3.0 and above were accepted so if you're slightly above that or around that mark you should definitely be getting a positive response soon
  4. by   poko
    Hey veemac thanks for your reply! Congrats to getting in. my Uni average was not overly stellar but I'm doing pretty well in the high school prereqs currently so I'm hoping that counts for something. Who did you email in admissions? What average did you have if you don't mind me being nosy?
  5. by   veemac
    Thanks and I'm sure if you're working hard towards getting what you want, you'll hear the good news soon as well. In terms of the person I messaged, it was ******, she's the enrollment advisor for nursing, you might have to send her a couple of e-mails before getting a reply hehe My marks I don't mind sharing, it was around the 3.5-3.6 mark (in between 77-79 on the 4.0 scale I guess) for the last two years. ***** was stating it's basically dependent on those last 10 credits and the cutoff GPA for last year was ~3.0 according to her.
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  6. by   eeff
    hey veemac,

    do you have until june 1 to confirm your offer from trent??
    i have ~77 avg for my last 10 credits at uni.. hoping to hear from Trent in the next little while. what is a 77 on a 4-point gpa scale??
  7. by   das729
    I applied to Trent too, and I have not hear anything. I can never even get ahold of someone and its making me quite angry!
  8. by   sm11
    I applied to Trent too! I'm currently a second year biology student at Trent in Oshawa but I did an internal application. It says that my application is still being evaluated.
  9. by   Cole91
    I got accepted to Trent's compressed nursing program 2 weeks ago. I had an average around 84 in the last 10 credits. I was accepted to Queens AST nursing program and U of T today. My first choice was U of T, so I'm declining Trent's offer soon. Good luck to those of you waiting! I'm sure you'll hear soon
  10. by   eeff
    No offense.. but thanks for declining Trent! Perhaps it'll open a spot up for me!

    Congratulations on all your offers!!!
  11. by   poko
    Still waiting to hear back!!! Eeek
  12. by   das729
    did ya hear anything yet?
  13. by   cli074
    Hi all! I've created a facebook group for the Trent Compressed Nursing Program (2013-2015). Feel free to join!

    Look for Trent Compressed Nursing (2013-2014)
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  14. by   cw3421
    Hey cli074,

    I can't find the group on Facebook. Is the name spelled correctly and the group privacy settings correct (i.e. set to "open" or "closed")? I'd love to connect with my future classmates!