Second-Entry Nursing Programs - 2014 Hopeful - page 36

by ShayLynn27

Hi Everyone! I'm starting this topic for those who are applying to 2nd-entry programs, to start in 2014. A bit about myself: I'll be applying to University of Ottawa and University of Toronto. Graduated with a Social... Read More

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    It was through email and it takes a few days to show up on ouac. I only have until April 30 to reply but I haven't seen anything about a deposit.
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    I just heard back from UofT!

    My gpa on the last 5 FCEs is 3.9 for anyone wondering and I posted my other credentials earlier. Also I didn't mention that I worked on a clinical research team in a hospital (talked about this for my "intellectual experience") for a summer and I've been in a school club for a few years plus what I posted earlier.