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Second-Entry Nursing Programs - 2014 Hopeful - page 2

Hi Everyone! I'm starting this topic for those who are applying to 2nd-entry programs, to start in 2014. A bit about myself: I'll be applying to University of Ottawa and University of Toronto.... Read More

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    Have you done any of the quizzes or tests for physio?
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    Ilovenursing2013, how did you find the athabasca course? I am starting it soon
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    Isla88 I do know one girl who got into the program and finished it! It is very intimidating, knowing that they only let such a small number of people in... I'm just praying I get in!

    Also, I'm starting the athabasca course in Jan .
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    I know, thats how I feel! so we will be starting the course at the same time! we should keep eahcother updated!
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    Yes, we should! Feel free to message my inbox anytime!
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    Ilovenursing2013, how are the athasbasca midterms and quizzes?ifyou do t mind me among did you finish with a high grade ?!
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    Hey everyone! I'm Emma and I'm applying for the 2nd Entry program at Ottawa U.
    I currently hold a BA from Carleton University in Psychology (High Honours), focusing on forensic and abnormal psychology, as well as a minor in history. I also have a Personal Support Worker certificate with honours from Algonquin College. As you can see, I'm an Ottawa girl!
    I'm also in the process of doing BIOL 235 at Athabasca to cover my anatomy and physiology pre-reqs. For those who are starting it soon, be cautious and diligent because it is a VERY content heavy course. I started in September and am just over half-way through the textbook. Make sure you go through the study guide they give you on the course website because they do ask you to skip sections in it, such as the fetal development and aging sections of each chapter. Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!
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    Hi Emma ! If you don't mind me asking what grades have you been getting in he assignment , quizzes and midterm in he athabasca course ? I started this week and it seems intense, I'm starting to get worried thank you !
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    I've done really well in the first quiz and assignment, but not as well in the first midterm. I find that the first midterm focused a majority of questions on specific names and parts of bones. How I've been studying and working on each chapter is by looking at the study guide given to you on the course website, going through the textbook and filling out info on the topics given to you in that list. Also, do the quizzes at the end of each chapter because they really help prepare you for what questions may appear on the exams and quizzes. I hope this helps!
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    thank you so much for all the information, this is really helpful!
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    Hi Emma! I was wondering if you know if it matters if you can hand in the assignment/quiz first?
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    Thanks for all your advice Emma! It really helps. Good luck with the course
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    Shaylynn27 how are you finding the course!?