RPN to RN Bridging program advice

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to decide between the George Brown/Trent Bridging RPN to RN program and the Centennial/Ryerson program. Can people who have taken either of these programs give me advice? Thank you so much,
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  3. by   Khow89
    You have to apply again to Ryerson after doing one year of bridging at Cent. Don't know about George Brown/Trent
  4. by   anxiouspn
    I'm also looking for info on the same. Which of the two has more online components?And can you transfer previous university credits over to take some of the load off?
  5. by   Khow89
    I have a friend who is attending the program at Cent and I think she has all her lectures on campus. I'm actually in the UOIT bridging program and they have quite a few online components. You should check out UOIT program layout, it might suit your needs better.

    Generally, you can transfer elective courses over if you have university credits from before. Courses such as language or psychology shouldn't be an issue.
  6. by   anxiouspn
    I looked at UIOT but I live in Toronto and work in Richmond Hill, I didn't want to have to travel to Oshawa on top of that. It looks like the deadline has passed anyway.

    As an alternative if Cent/GBC don't work I was looking at Nipissing's program as well, I think they're partnered with my hospital.
  7. by   Khow89
    Yea I heard Nipissing was all online component but it might be part time which will require 5 years to complete.

    As for UOIT, I had 3 classes in one day for fall term and 1 class and a bi-weekly lab for winter with an online course. I also live in Toronto so I understand commuting might be a hassle but personally I like that I only needed to come in 1 day a week on campus for classes. The program coordinator also knows that majority of students commute so they try to make it as convenient as possible.