RPN to BScN Bridging 2017

  1. Hi there,

    Just wondering if there were any other RPN to BScN potential students for fall 2017 intake!
    I've received acceptances from George Brown and Centennial but I'm holding out for Mohawk & Conestoga!

    Any one one else have any exciting news or want to share concerts/experiences regarding their application process.

    Thank You!
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  3. by   nemrac93
    HeatherLems, I applied to George Brown, Centennial, and Mohawk about two weeks ago, still have to send in all my paper work. What average did you have in the Practical nursing Program? Just wondering so I can gage if I will get in or not.
    I had just gotten my CPNRE results end of February and decided to go for the bridge. Very last minute, but hopefully I can still get in, the programs are still open as of today.
  4. by   maeo
    Hello @HeatherLems,

    I got into Centennial for Fall 2017 as well, still waiting for MoMac/CoMac (my first choice)! The wait for their acceptances is so long
  5. by   HeatherLems
    Hi @nemrac93
    My grades weren't the highest, I'm sitting at low 80's.
    Hope you hear back soon
  6. by   HeatherLems
    Hi there!
    I couldn't agree more Momac/Comac take forever! Congratulations on your acceptance!������

    Did you apply to George brown?

    I'm still waiting on those McMaster options

    Hope they send out acceptances soon!
  7. by   maeo

    No I didn't apply to GB, only 3 schools. Congratulations to you on both of your acceptances so far! I read that apparently the McMaster acceptances start to roll-in late April/early May... *fingers crossed* hope we get in + best of luck to you! Either one would be great as it's closer to home, so it will be more beneficial for me, but I'm still fine with Centennial as well Please be sure to update the page if you (or anyone else reading this) got an acceptance, I would love to know when the CoMac/MoMac sent out the offers!
  8. by   anxiouspn
    I've received offers for George Brown, and Centennial's regular and flex program. I'm trying to decide between the three

    I'm looking for the one that has a minimal amount of inclass time because I have no idea what my work schedule is going to be looking like... I'm in an NGG job which is ending in May and I still don't have another job lined up.

    I was trying to look into attending an info session or something but I can't find anything.