Nipissing SPP (2017) - "Let's Network!"

  1. Hey everyone,

    Nipissing's SPP is one of 5 nursing programs that I applied to this year, for admission in Sept 2017. I've been closely following updates on the "Ontario Second Entry Programs 2017" thread but as Nipissing is my first choice, I wanted to take this opportunity to connect with this year's fellow applicants, and seek advice from current students and alumni of those innovative program. I imagine hearing about others' experiences would also buffer some of the nervousness I'm currently feeling, what with the long application process.

    I am coming from McMaster with a BSc.(Honours). McMaster puts a lot of focus on inquiry-based courses, which challenges the traditional lecture-based method of learning. The reason Nipissing is my first choice is because its curriculum is inquiry-based as well, and relies on the individual student's discipline and self-directed learning style. I also learn best by doing, thus having strong and diverse clinical affiliations is important to me. Additionally, I live in downtown Toronto, so accessibility is a big bonus for me personally.

    What are your reasons for applying to Nipissing's SPP? Where did you learn about it? Is it your first choice also? What was your GPA cut-off? How did you find CASPer? What do you hope to gain and learn from the SPP? Etc.

    Good luck in your applications, everyone! I hope to meet you in September.

    Some information I've learned through emails:

    • CASPer results have been released to schools for those tests taken in January and mid-February. Results for late February have not yet been released.
    • Due to the CASPer delay, interviews have been extended to April 10-13. The admissions committee have already begun shortlisting applicants.
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  3. by   tbn_jg
    Hi there! Thanks for starting this thread, it's a great idea to have a thread for Nipissing and people who are specifically interested in the program as it is quite unique I'm relatively new to this site so just discovering how things work.

    I come from UBC with a double major in Biology and Psychology. I graduated a few years ago and ever since I've been working at the university. I also volunteered with the largest health authority here in Vancouver for quite some time as well as did a fair amount of philanthropy and fundraising during my undergrad. I'm quite nervous about hearing back from Nipissing as they are my first choice and I was very intrigued by their self directed study model. I read the article they published on their program and it really spiked my interest, making Nipissing my first choice. An added bonus is that the program is in downtown Toronto and they seem to have a strong partnership with the local health authorities. I truly believe that nursing education where you learn on the job rather than theoretically in a classroom setting is what many nursing programs should be aiming towards.

    My GPA for admission is in the high 70s which I know must be on the lower end. I have a lot of work experience in health care so I'm hoping that this will make my application stand out, but I'm not sure how they weigh each component of the application.

    I wrote the CASPer back in January but my results are still not showing up on Web Advisor. I'm almost checking every day now. I found that I wasn't able to express everything I wanted to say due to such a short time limit and I would have definitely done better in real life. Also I couldn't stop thinking about that the test wanted me to answer which may have impacted some answers to be more diplomatic than what I may have done in real life. Anyway, I have spoken to admissions and they confirmed that there was a delay with getting the CASPer results - all applicants should be notified regarding interviews by end of March. I also contacted CASPer and they said that Nipissing "is on a different distribution list" but I'm not sure what that meant exactly. All other schools I applied to have received my results.

    Does anyone know if Nipissing will be flexible with the interview schedule? Since it's different than the originally stated dates, will they be understanding that not everyone has planned for the interviews later in the month? I've read some previous threads and some applicants mentioned how strict the program was in their policies. Anyone else experiencing this extra bit of stress and uncertainty?
  4. by   tdto
    Just spoke to the admissions. They're still waiting on Casper result and said they'll be sending out interview invitation next week.

    SPP is my first choice because their teaching approach matches my learning style, and I live in downtown Toronto.

    Fingers crossed for all of us. Good luck!
  5. by   qusp
    Just spoke to CASPer, the results have been sent to the school! I don't see it on updated on my.nipissing yet though, but CASPer did say to "allow ample time for them to update their files".

    I am guessing they'll go through the CASPer results this week and then send out invitation invites beginning next week.

    I'm so nervous! But it's so reassuring that others are with me in this experience. Thank you for posting!
  6. by   Tosglo
    I am also waiting to receive an invitation for interview. Since the past week, I have checked my mails every 6 hours and get disappointed each time I don't see a mail from Nipissing. However, I am hopeful, not just because I have a good average but because it feels right . Grace y'all. I hope we all get invited and accepted.
  7. by   Tosglo
    Hello ha....I received an invite for interview this morning, anyone else? I pray you get yours too and we all get accepted.
  8. by   qusp
    Quote from Tosglo
    Hello ha....I received an invite for interview this morning, anyone else? I pray you get yours too and we all get accepted.
    I unfortunately have not received anything yet, but thank you for updating us! It means they've finally started sending out invites, after a lengthy delay. Hopefully this means they've also received all CASPer results.
  9. by   tbn_jg
    @Togslo, did your online portal show your CASPer results as received? Mine is still empty
  10. by   tbn_jg
    Update: I have also received an interview from Nipissing! The online portal is still displaying the CASPer results as not received but it seems that's just the university not having updated it.

    Good luck everyone else, hope you all hear back soon!
  11. by   qusp
    I've just received an interview as well! I'm so excited!
  12. by   Tosglo
    No it didn't change. Casper entry is still empty.
  13. by   e.ven
    Received an invitation for an interview yesterday and I am so excited! Hope you all hear back soon, good luck all!
  14. by   tdto
    Congrats! Still anxiously waiting. Was the invitation sent via email?