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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

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    Quote from Magal
    relaxingbath, we could meet on Wednesday near IAHS so that you don't have to drive again this way. There is a Starbucks in front of the hospital (right in front of emerge) beside Shoppers Drugmart. We could meet around 11:30. Anyone else wants to meet?There is free parking behind the Shoppers.
    I actually have to go out to Mac tomorrow for a cT so I likely won't be going back out there on Wednesday. I might have to work anyway. Oh the joys of being on-call.

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    Hi sweetcurves thats awesome, I was put into the online course for communications so from what i understand I too have Mondays off, someone please correct me if i'm wrong! I took the 7151IHMAI block not sure if anyone else is in the I group.

    Hi Magal Wednesday at starbucks sounds good, will be nice too meet up with fellow RPN students, I think we can get student cards now so that is something else i'll can do while in on wednesday. More the merrier for meeting up.
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    I'm 7151IHMAC.

    I didn't see a lot of difference in some of the schedules. I just picked the first one that looked favourable for a day off! LOL
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    Ooooh student card! Which means cheap movies at Empire Theatres downtown. LOL
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    I'm 7151IHMAC. Also Mondays off. See you at 11:30 at Starbucks. I'm blonde, long hair, late 30's will have book The Birth House on the table. Hope to see some other students there too.
    PS. Can we get our students card at the IH location? I thought we had to get them at the square at Mohawk. Can someone clarify?
    See you Wednesday Relaxingbath.
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    Aw, that's really nice that all of you are meeting up. Lucky! I think I'm the only one from my class on this website..I was all alone! Didn't meet anyone until school! Awesome!

    Yes, you can get your student card at IAHS in the student life office.
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    @relaxingbath, I am in the 7151IHMAI block too I believe that we do indeed have Mondays off!

    This week I have appointments for tb testing and I need varicella vaccinations CPR course is next week. I am starting to get very excited and nervous. Just want to get everything done in time, especially with the holidays.

    My biggest concern is finding transportation to classes/clinical. I live in Brantford, but don't have access to a car. I have posted carpool ads online, but haven't found anyone to commute with yet. Hoping to find a ride soon and would love to share parking and gas costs

    - Katherine
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    Hi Kathrine, Wow thats 4 people and 2 in each group. If you are free Magal and I are meeting up for coffee tomorrow and would be nice if you could join as well. The transport is an issue as well, while I have access to a car so getting to placements won't be too bad, it will leave my partner a bit stuck if I am using it all the time. I've looked in to carpooling from cambridge there is 1 match on a site i'm using, waiting to hear back about that... We might get lucky and have placements in Brantford.
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    First semester you will all be in Hamilton in Long Term Care facilities
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    Ohh by the way just incase you read this i'm 6'1 brown hair, early 30s ohh and i'm guy if i havn't posted that somewhere, see you in starbucks 11:30 !

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