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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

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    Home and had time to walk the dog and relax, orientaton was LONG.... i almost felt that they should have done alot of the afternoon stuff in the morning and then said "if you are all set with paramed you can leave now.." having to sit through all that was boring. The afternoon was spent trying to build relationships with other students, and go over more of the same things as the morning sessions. Why did they have to go over the time tables that was a complete waste of time and confused some people no end. Felt that i knew what was happening because of what has been discussion on the forums here, get the feeling there will be some students in for a big shock, both with volume of work and with doing the down and dirty patient care.

    thanks again Andrea and starfish for all the advice and help!
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    I just found out I have PLAC KEEPF 22187 tmr morning at 8:30, and it shows TBA.
    OMG!! What should I do??? Did anyone have that course as well??
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    energy...the placekeepers on the timetables are so no other classes can be moved or scheduled at that time. you do not have a class during that time unless otherwise informed by your teacher.
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    Thanks a lot
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    A big thank you vintageandrea and starfish (and everyone that's contributed here)! I saw you at the orientation, Andrea, but didn't have a chance to say hi: I recognize you and will definitely say 'hi' when I do see you in the future Thank you so much for giving us your time to be there too!

    Paramed appointments are scare now (was just able to register after the 72hr wait due to my late registration), and I had to cancel my CPR with Mohawk on the 19th (even though they said the 2 week pre-placement deadline was a scare tactic) due to the fact that the last available appointment was on the 15th! I found Red Cross the cheapest, though their booking website looked very 1990s and a little hokey.
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    Andrea, I need you!!!

    I just have some questions that I didn't really want to ask in front of the entire class...because I feel like an idiot. I'll just chalk it up to me not being a student for the last 14 years!
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    Can you buy the textbooks separate, or do you have to buy the bundle? And if we can buy them separate, how does that work with the online codes needed.
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    What's up, sweetcurves? Yes, you can buy the books separately in hard.copy..but you will need to buy nursing skills online which is about $75..whereas it comes with the e bundle.
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    I went to the bookstore today to buy the textbooks separate rather than the ebooks and was told they have sold out and they ordered new stock which won't be in for a while. So I caved and bought the ebooks. Oh well! Plus I saved a lot doing so!
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    i also caved and bought the ebooks. but if anyone is looking for the textbooks still, i found some great deals on kijiji, i could pass along the emails.

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