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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

  1. by   MARN13N
    they changed the 715IHMAD one too to 12-6.
  2. by   vintage_RN
    Are you guys excited!? Tomorrow! I will be there speaking to the new class and providing some information about success in semester 1. I have been told that myself as well as my other classmates who are volunteering each sit with a will be sitting with your clinical groups. So if I'm in your group, or you see name is Andrea, and I have short bobbed blonde hair. If you have any questions please ask and I look forward to meeting you!

    I'm feeling just as lost as you are...they haven't posted any of my classes on elearn yet so I have no clue what is going on...haven't heard from any of my teachers...and my OSAP is held up because the school hasn't gotten around to confirming my enrollment yet. Two cheers for Mohawk!

    See you tomorrow!
  3. by   sweetcurves
    So, my OSAP has not come in which means no money for books. Awesome.
    I am so nervous for tomorrow. Still don't have a paramed appointment. Just did my CPR on Saturday. I'm freaking out.


    Can you explain what the "placekeeping" blocks are for? I can't seem to get a clear answer from anyone.
  4. by   sweetcurves
    Quote from Magal
    Anybody here in the MAC block noticed that the schedule has been changed? Tuesdays used to be Practium Lab from 8:30-2:30 and now it says 12:00-6:00.
    Yup mine says that too. I'm ok with's a morning to sleep in. I have a weird sleep disorder and sleep better from about 3 or 4 am to 11 or 12. So if I can sleep late, I'll take it!
  5. by   sweetcurves
    Quote from sweetcurves
    So, my OSAP has not come in which means no money for books. Awesome.
    I am so nervous for tomorrow. Still don't have a paramed appointment. Just did my CPR on Saturday. I'm freaking out.


    Can you explain what the "placekeeping" blocks are for? I can't seem to get a clear answer from anyone.
    Well it looks like Mohawk has confirmed my enrollment as that's no longer listed when I check my osap status. That makes me feel a little better. Man this feels so confusing and unorganized!
  6. by   Kat_RPNStudent
    Sweetcurves, I don't have a paramed appt yet either. Because of Christmas holiday closures my second varicella appt isn't until 2 weeks from now. I'm so stressed I won't meet my deadline. Plus I still haven't received my police check in the mail and it has been a month. Brantford takes forever for these things.
    I am excited but very nervous. My sweet Husband is driving me back and forth to school for a couple days as I still haven't found a carpool
    I have yet to buy my books but will take a browse tomorrow perhaps.
    Hope everyone gets some sleep tonight!
  7. by   starfish33
    I can help you with the placekeeping... they put those in on your clinical days, and it's just to prevent scheduling other classes on that day. Nothing to worry about.
    Just do your best with Paramed... have all your paperwork together and it will work out eventually. Nice deep breaths, everyone! Your first day IS going to feel overwhelming and confusing. You will be ok. I promise!! I know exactly how gunned you all are, and congratulations on taking this step! Feels like yesterday I just started, now I'm staring semester 4 in the face.
    Have fun guys, and try to keep perspective... it will all work out!
  8. by   sweetcurves
    Just got back from orientation. I was so bored and not feeling great so I bailed halfway through. I think I'm doing alright as far as knowing what's what. Some of the homework stuff is already posted on e-learn. Crazy!

    I'm excited but overwhelmed. Still need to get uniforms/patches, but that must wait until osap comes in.
  9. by   vintage_RN
    Sweetcurves, were you at my table? I didn't catch the girls username, haha. I met Magal and relaxingbath (I think?)..the.orientation is pretty dry. It was nice to meet you all. If you have any questions feel free to post here or pm me for my email..or grab me in the hall if you see me! If you need any help with your first tests I would be willing to pull a study group someone did this for me last semester and it was very helpful. Just let me know! Good luck!
  10. by   sweetcurves
    Haha yeah Andrea, that was me. I bailed at lunch. I felt like crap and was honestly bored out of my mind. I felt like I wasn't learning anything, just hearing information I could easily find on my own. I'm going to head to campus early tomorrow to check out the bookstore and get a locker since it sounds "necessary".

    Do I need my scrubs for lab this week? Because that isn't going to happen until I get my osap.

    And you have been awesome Andrea, thanks for all your help up until now and the help I'm sure we'll ask you for in the upcoming weeks/months!

  11. by   relaxingbath
    Home and had time to walk the dog and relax, orientaton was LONG.... i almost felt that they should have done alot of the afternoon stuff in the morning and then said "if you are all set with paramed you can leave now.." having to sit through all that was boring. The afternoon was spent trying to build relationships with other students, and go over more of the same things as the morning sessions. Why did they have to go over the time tables that was a complete waste of time and confused some people no end. Felt that i knew what was happening because of what has been discussion on the forums here, get the feeling there will be some students in for a big shock, both with volume of work and with doing the down and dirty patient care.

    thanks again Andrea and starfish for all the advice and help!
  12. by   energy326
    I just found out I have PLAC KEEPF 22187 tmr morning at 8:30, and it shows TBA.
    OMG!! What should I do??? Did anyone have that course as well??
  13. by   vintage_RN
    energy...the placekeepers on the timetables are so no other classes can be moved or scheduled at that time. you do not have a class during that time unless otherwise informed by your teacher.