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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

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    Hi all, I've went to IAHS health office today and want to get my TB test. BUT they told me I have to print out something on eLearn because this is my first sem. Anyone know what form should I print out and bring to health office? I really want to get my TB test done before class start

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    Hi energy326

    the preplacement form they are talking about is found here

    Use this page to find all the information that you require ParaMed - Mohawk College

    There is lots to do on the list, i had to start from scratch and everything has taken me a couple of weeks get through.

    I'm sure others will point out anything extra that i've missed, good luck!
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    ACK! I've missed out on all the posting action!

    Has anyone done their paramed appointment yet? I am waiting for my bloodwork for my mmr and varicella immunity to come back. Then I'm going to schedule it. I haven't done my CPR yet. *shame*. I need to book the class at Mohawk on January 5th. Talk about cutting it close huh? But to be honest, you don't get your acceptance until October and then you have two months to get everything done, on top of having a job, a life, etc.

    This is the block I'm in: 7151IHMAC ...anyone else?

    I also have to get my butt up to Mohawk to hand in some stuff to financial aid and get my student card. Feels like I'm never going to get all this stuff together in time!

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    Oh, book list is on McMaster University's site as the books can be purchased at the bookstore there.
    Not sure if this link works or not as it's all drop down menus to find your specific list.

    Textbook Listing | McMaster University Campus Store

    I'm so nervous I'm not going to get everything done and not be able to do placements right away. And I'm so nervous I'm not immune to mmr and varicella even though I had boosters just over a year ago for my job. Ack!

    Someone remind me to go pick up my police check! Tomorrow! I must do it tomorrow! And get my butt up to Mohawk to do those two other things I need to do.
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    Magal, I see you and I will be in class together!
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    Hi sweetcurves, stop take a deep breath and relax. I'm due to get my 2nd hepB shot janurary 2nd and i'm trying to arrange a parmed appointment as soon after that as possible. Andrea and starfish have made posts (1 or 2 pages back) on which they recommend which books to get remember that even if you don't get everything done by christmas you still have time afterwards. Placements start week 3 but paramed needs done 2 weeks before so you still have the first week of classes in which to tie up the loose ends.
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    Sweetcurves, yes I'm in your block. Looking forward to meeting you at orientation. Just a note on books, I was at the mcmaster book store and even though the system says they have it in stock, they don't. Lady said they will come in early January. She also said if you buy any books now you can't return them, but if you buy them in January you have a few weeks to return them. She said just in case you decide to drop out of he program. I told her: like that is going to happen!! Anyways, I guess it's a good idea to wait in case we find the book not helpful or something.
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    Picked up my police check today and went up to Mohawk and got my student card. Now I'm just trying to figure out if I can start using it to take the bus or not. The HSR sticker on it just says "Expires April 20, 2013". I should test this theory when going to work tomorrow.

    I found somewhere that I can do my CPR next week so as long as the class doesn't get cancelled, I should be all ready to schedule a paramed appointment for the first week of January.

    After spending some time at the Fennell Campus today, I am so glad we aren't attending classes there. I feel so old!
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    sweetcurves, you can use the bus sticker now. semester 1 ended today and i got my sticker...and have been taking the bus no problem.
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    Good Morning everyone!

    Do I wait for my Paramed appointment in January to do my mask fitting? I called a few of the places recommended on mohawks site but they are either closed for the holidays or not booking until january.

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