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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

  1. by   MARN13N
    Thank you so much relaxingbath
  2. by   MARN13N
    Is it too late to have an appointment with Paramed in the second week.. I don't have my mask fitting until the 14th. Also is the orientation manitory. I work Mondays and will have to book off that day if it is.
  3. by   Kat_RPNStudent
    Just want to wish everyone a very safe and Happy Holiday! All the best to you and yours.
    - Katherine
  4. by   relaxingbath
    MARN13N Paramed can do the mask fitting, from what i've read we start placements in the 3rd week and paramed needs to be cleared 2 weeks before, they seem very reasonable the times that I have talked to them, so best advice is talk to them as soon as you can to see what they say.

    I am not sure if the orientation is mandatory, though from what andrea has said they will be giving us our placement details as well as other useful information.

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
  5. by   sweetcurves
    Can anyone who has done first semester, confirm which books you actually HAD to buy? The book list for Health and Healing is a little long...wondering if all the books are ACTUALLY required or not. List says they are. But it just seems like a lot for one course.
  6. by   vintage_RN
    sweetcurves, the only books I bought were the online bundle...which when I started included 3 books (Fundamentals of Nursing, Med-Surg and Physical assessment). The only one I have really used is Fundamentals. It's weird that it lists books for Health and Healing because I only used Fundamentals briefly. I finished with an 86.5% average without really using any books much so they really aren't needed!
  7. by   sweetcurves
    Thanks Andrea! I'm getting so excited/nervous/anxious/excited. Also fingers crossed that my OSAP rolls into my bank account soon. LOL!
  8. by   Magal
    What time is the orientation at IAHS on Monday? Do we have a room yet? I know I saw this information somewhere but now I can't find it. I'm not sure if it was an email or it was on locomotion. Can someone confirm? Thanks.
  9. by   relaxingbath

    8.30-4pm room240 at IAHS,

    I had my paramed appointment today as well as my 2nd HepB jab and all went well so I believe that I am all set for placements. Ordered the 3 books Andrea recommended from amazon for a small saving but its a saving never the less, they say they have been shipped so hopefully i'll get them before term starts. Hope everyone had a good new year and I hope I get to meet some of you on the 7th at 8.30am.
  10. by   Magal
    Thank you so much relaxing bath!
  11. by   Magal
    Anybody here in the MAC block noticed that the schedule has been changed? Tuesdays used to be Practium Lab from 8:30-2:30 and now it says 12:00-6:00.
  12. by   Kat_RPNStudent
    Only a few more days! Can't wait to meet you all
  13. by   relaxingbath
    My books have just arrived ohhhh my!!!! they are huge! Lots of not so light reading to do between now and Monday.

    Received an email from the course telling us about the orientation, it sounds like its the full day 8.30-4

    Magal no change to block 7151IHMAI looks like they have just changed yours, hope its not caused too much disruption.