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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

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    Great info everyone! I have a Littman stethoscope from my previous nursing home job and love it! Going shopping tomorrow for the scrubs and books Not too much longer now!
    - Katherine

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    I received and interesting letter this morning from Mohawk, in which was my McMaster student card, my wallet is now full of cards again!! There was a letter that accompanied stating everything that is covered and not covered. CPassion, it doesn't mention anywhere, anything about the fitness facilities at McMaster unfortunately.

    Just under a month till the introduction (7th January) at Fennell campus, shame there isn't one at IAHS it would have been nice to get a tour of the rooms that we will be using. Running out of time for car pooling so it looks like i'll have to arrange parking at McMaster and do the daily commute. Will do some shopping for scrubs and shoes tomorrow. Hope everyone is looking forward to the start of the course and isn't too anxious.

    Relaxing bath
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    Relaxingbath: That's very odd that your orientation would be at Fennell..are you sure? I've checked online and the orientation schedules haven't even been posted yet. Ours was at IAHS. Although they don't give you a tour..IAHS is pretty small and easy to figure out. Also, when you say park and MAC and make the commute, what do you mean? IAHS is at McMaster, haha!
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    Hi Andrea, when I completed the Assessment for Success I was given the "start smart" flyer which says the orientation is at Fennell campus Monday jan 7th. Also recieved an email today at my mohawk college account that said the same thing. These might just be generic and something more specific to IAHS might come later?

    Sorry for not making it clear, but I will be commuting from Cambridge to IAHS and therefor will need to get parking.
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    Question about shoes. Do the soles need to be white too or can the shoes be white with black soles? About orientation: I though orientation was at IAHS but also got email saying there was one at fennel campus and am too confused. Is ours at IAHS and the email was just generic? Why isn't anything clear with this program?
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    Normally, you would go to Mohawk Colleges website, and under "student engagement" there is a link that says "orientation"..and to the side there is a link for academic orientation specific for your program which still says coming soon for IAHS. I didn't receive an email and just found out by looking there...and mine was at IAHS. But of course, in typical fashion they change things around every semester. I was just wondering because I will actually be speaking to the new students in Jan to give some tips about success in Semester I'll probably get to meet a lot of you in person! As for the shoes, it really depends on your clinical instructor. Some are real old school and want all.white, and will even be picky about the soles...others don't care. I wore white shoes with green soles and a green stripe and my instructors didn't care...although I'm buying new ones for semester 2 because my current shoes are cheap ones from Walmart and since semester 2 placements are 12 hours I will need a better quality shoe. I would wait until you meet your instructor and ask what they prefer. You will find out your clinical placements and meet your instructor at orientation.
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    Wow, I am so happy I came across this site. It is so helpful to get tips about our upcoming classes. I look forward to orientation and meeting everyone.

    I have my last round of vaccines Friday and CPR Saturday. Now I just have to figure out transportation! Relaxingbath, it's too bad I don't live in Cambridge, otherwise, if I was able to carpool with you we could split and save on gas and parking.

    I was lucky to have pure white shoes already. Just have to get uniforms now! I also received my Mcmaster card
    - Katherine
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    Hi Katherine, yeah shame about not being closer do you have any plans at all for getting to IAHS? Thanks Andrea for the advice, looking forward to meeting you at the orientation will be nice to thankyou in person for all the help you have given. I went to In-2-Uniforms in Ancaster today and got my scrubs however they don't have mens shoes there and I didn't get a chance to get to their other Hamilton location.

    ADVICE- if you need to see financial aid at mohawk you need to take your SIN card, who came up with this stupid idea when you can call and do everything is very stupid also considering you also need to show photo ID, any way i wasted a trip there.
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    For next semester students, I would advise you to keep on top of your work! It's really easy to get behind in these classes.

    For my lab class, our instructor told us to purchase our stethoscope during break week (week 7), because the following week is vital signs and assessments. I would wait until your instructor tells you when to purchase clinical gear and so forth, some instructors have specific brands, quality, etc.

    The IAHS campus is really easy to get around and the LRC is pretty cool! I would book a tour or go check it out during the winter

    I'm just really worried about next semester schedules due to clinical placement programs :S
    Does anyone have this problem?

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    @relaxingbath - sadly I have no transportation to get to school yet. I'm starting to freak out. I'm hoping someone in our block is coming from brantford.

    I've posted countless ads on kijiji and Mohawk etc. still nothing

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