McMaster's Accelerated Program

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    Acceptances are supposed to be sent out this week and rejections next week.

    Anyone get accepted yet?
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    Wasn't told the part about rejection letters, but the admissions coordinator (****) also told me we should be hearing this week. In fact, she told me we'd hear on Monday. Perhaps there's a delay in sending them out? I hope so -_-.
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    they didn't accept me coz I forget to full the form online =(
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    Quote from Sara1983
    they didn't accept me coz I forget to full the form online =(
    If your two posts are anything to go by, the lack of acceptance may be due to your poor use of written English.
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    Just got word this morning! wooooo, the wait is finally over. If anyone else got accepted, there's a facebook group ;D, McMaster Accelerated Nursing Class of 2014!
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    Congratulations!! I was also accepted this morning Such a relief!
    I've been searching on Facebook since I saw your post, but I can't find the group you're referring to...- if you don't mind, you could please paste the link?
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    Eeeeee, Congrats!!! A relief indeed Add me on FB if ya want, too!
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    I got accepted on April 2nd!
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    Join the group!
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    Wait listed ...