Langara January 2019 intake

  1. Hey guys!

    Is anyone planning on applying to Langara's January 2019 intake?
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  3. by   sidhua
    I got waitlisted for the September 2018 intake so I will be applying to the January 2019 intake with a 3.54 GPA and a prior degree!
  4. by   vbvaan
    hey! so you got waitlisted with a 3.54 GPA AND a degree?
  5. by   sidhua
    Hey! No, I am currently finishing up my last semester of my degree! Since the application deadline for September is January 31, I am not considered a degree holder because I get my degree in April 2018. So I'm reapplying for January 2019 where I will be considered a degree holder!
  6. by   vbvaan
    Ohh I see! I was gunna say, how on earth did you get waitlisted with that?! haha but it makes sense now. That's awesome that you'll have your degree. You're pretty much guaranteed entry! What's your degree in?
  7. by   sidhua
    Yeah! I was hoping to get in for September but it doesn't look so great. My degree is in Marketing! Hopefully January works out! How about you did you apply for both intakes?
  8. by   vbvaan
    That's a really good GPA so you might still get an offer from the waitlist! No, I had planned to but I didn't get into the second A&P class last semester so I didn't have all my pre-reqs finished. I'll be applying to the Jan intake for the first time. Super nervous as I don't think my GPA will be super high :/
  9. by   sidhua
    Yeah, I am still holding out for September! I just hate the waiting, it's the worst. You can do it! Just give it your best for the last anatomy! Usually the January intakes are less competitive so don't lose hope! You never know
  10. by   plsletmein
    Hey guys, i applied for the fall 2018 but im waitlisted with a 3.51:| i really thought that was enough but seems like its a harder intake to get into compare wd the last ones. Im now applying for the Jan 2019, best of luck to us !