Langara College, Vancouver: Nursing Students - page 12

hi, i got accepted into the sept 2007 program. how many of you are nursing students or pre nursing students in langara? and those who graduated or are current students - any tips on the courses,... Read More

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    Hello everyone.
    I will be starting sep 2012 section 1, and would love to get in touch with my cohort and discuss all the prepping and the 40 months to come!

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    Hey there!

    I have a few (or maybe a lot, sorryyy) questions for anyone that has been in the Langara Nursing program for a while and knows a bit about it

    1. What terms do you think are the hardest? Which would you say are the easiest?

    2. Did you find the program hard because it was all year around? Were you able to plan any vacations? What was the longest break you had in between your classes?

    3. How was Term 5, it looks quiet easy but is it?

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