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Hi everyone, If there's anyone attending GBC or starting soon, unite! :) I'm starting the PN program in Sept, it would be nice to find some people from my school & program here!... Read More

  1. by   m1sswow
    Quote from Helpme103
    No problem, I was kinda in the same boat as you, I didn't think there was any chance I would get accepted with my marks and my pre-admission test marks. Just never give up, there is always hope. We would probably be in the same class hehe
    yes! i haven't lose my hope yet! i really hope that i do get in. and I would love to meet you! Good Luck with the program. I'll surely let you know if I get in.
  2. by   toronto_nurse
    The location of George Brown College is great for those who live in the city. Hence their limited space in enrolment thereby requiring pre-admission testing to filter out those students who may not be well-equiped to handle the challenge.

    I completed practical nursing at Centennial College and I do agree with previous posters that a lot of students fail the Human Anatomy and Physiology course thereby preventing them from proceeding to the next semester. Some say its a filtering process but its more because of the large enrolment Centennial College takes which makes it look like a lot of students fail.

    For the poster who mentioned about the suspension/probation if one fails 2 nursing courses which is reasonable because this practice is in place everywhere including universities. The suspension period is suppose to give students who reflect and work on a few things to ensure they will be successful if they choose to repeat those courses. The College of Nurses of Ontario sets the pass rate for nursing courses to be at 60% and requires those who fail the same nursing course twice to have to start from the beginning again so don't blame the schools for this policy. To be fair I think the number of attempts should be 3 tries just like the CPNRE/CRNE.

    Math is not a required course for Centennial College's program and the only calculations that are ever done are calculations for medications which is basic elementary mathematics such as add, subject, divide, and multiply. And one can add in simple fractions to give it a twist.

    It all comes down to the individual student and their learning style. Memorizing works great for anatomy and physiology but when it comes to everything else thats not an effective studying method. Students have to stop blaming others for their misfortunes and evaluate whether or not they have what it takes to pursue nursing.

    All Colleges in Ontario process applications on a first come first serve basis in accordance to the College and Applied Technology Act to promote access to education to everyone. If an applicant meets the admission requirement than they are offered admission but because practical nursing is a high demand program across all colleges the required grade average may be higher.

    Both colleges have a good reputation for practical nursing. The best comparison is to look at the student pass rates for the CPNRE from the colleges.

    Colleges who take in larger enrolment like Centennial College may have lower admission average but only the fittest will make it out. And for those who failed a course in the practical nursing diploma literally lost their chance to pursue the bridging to university nursing program.